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Texas Instruments Introduces PGA281 Programmable Gain Amplifier

Texas Instruments (TI) PGA281 programmable gain amplifier (PGA)

Texas Instruments announced their PGA281 programmable gain amplifier. The TI PGA281 is a fully differential, zero-drift, 36-V PGA. The PGA281 is available now in a 5mm by 6.4mm, 16-pin TSSOP package, specified over a temperature range of -40 C to +105 C. The device has a suggested retail price of $2.55 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Microchip Technology Introduces MCP6V11/31 Operational Amplifiers

Microchip Technology MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 operational amplifiers

Microchip Technology launched their MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 operational amplifiers. The new zero-drift op amps operate with a single supply voltage as low as 1.6V and a quiescent current as low as 7.5 µA. The Microchip MCP6V11 and MCP6V31 are available now in 5-pin SOT-23 and 5-pin SC-70 packages. The MCP6V11 is priced at $0.82 each in 5,000-unit quantities. Pricing of the MCP6V31 starts at $0.81 each. The single amplifiers are ideal for developing portable medical products integrated with higher efficiency, and signal conditioning hardware and software.

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