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Icron EL3500, EL4500, EL5100 KVM Extends Keyboard, Video, Mouse up to Half Kilometer

Icron Technologies EL3500 KVM extender

Amplicon announced the EL3500, EL4500 and EL5100 KVM extender systems from Icron Technologies. The EL family of KVM extenders enable users to place their computer away from the work area and have the HD video, audio and USB 2.0 transmitted over inexpensive CatX (Category 5 or better) cable. The EL3500, EL4500 and EL5100 feature ExtremeLink technology, which is Icron’s proprietary KVM extension protocol. The technology can extend keyboards, video and mouse up to half kilometre.

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Plextek Introduces Multi-level Video Image Compression Functions

Plextek has developed a suite of image processing functions that allow high-quality video to be sent over data links with widely-varying bit rates, such as wireless links deployed in demanding environments. By identifying objects and areas of interest in the image and intelligently assigning different amounts of image compression, video quality can be maintained for important image areas whilst reducing it in others. Together with real-time motion and target tracking to identify important elements of the scene, the system can adapt dynamically as the link quality varies, allowing users freedom to concentrate on the important aspects of a scene.

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dPict Imaging Launches Nexeon HD Xtra Video Frame Grabber

dPict Imaging announced the Nexeon HD Xtra, a full-featured PCI Express video frame grabber for high-resolution HDTV video inputs. Nexeon HD Xtra adds support for the high-definition Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard. In addition to SDI, Nexeon HD Xtra supports digital HDMI or analog YPrPb format video inputs, and supports display and capture from HDTV sources up to 1080i and VGA display sources up to 1280×1024.

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