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Microchip Technology Introduces MCP41HVXX High Voltage Digital Potentiometers

Microchip Technology MCP41HV51 volatile, SPI digital potentiometer

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP41HV31 and MCP41HV51 (MCP41HVXX) volatile, SPI digital potentiometers. The devices operate at 10, 12, 18, 24 and particularly 36 volts, for systems requiring wide signal swing or high power-supply voltages. Both digital potentiometers are available now for samples and volume production, in 14-pin TSSOP and 20-pin, 5×5 mm QFN packages. The MCP41HV31 is priced at $0.99 each and the MCP41HV51 is $1.09 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

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Ebook: Functional Test on I2C and SPI System Monitors with JTAG

Functional Test on I2C and SPI System Monitors with JTAG ebook

ASSET InterTech published an ebook about JTAG. The article describes how the structural test methodology based on the IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan standard can apply functional tests to I2C and SPI system monitors during prototype board bring-up and later during production of the circuit board. The title of the technical paper is: Functional Test on I2C and SPI System Monitors with JTAG.

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Microchip Technology Debuts 10-pin, SPI MCP795XX Real-Time Clock/Calendar Devices

Microchip Technology 10-pin, SPI MCP795XX RTCC family

Microchip Technology introduced their new 10-pin, SPI MCP795XX RTCC family. The MCP795XX devices include many of the same features as the larger 14-pin MCP795WXX family, including excellent timekeeping performance. The devices in this Real-Time Clock/Calendar family are the MCP79510, MCP79511, MCP79512, MCP79520, MCP79521 and MCP79522. All six members are available in 10-pin MSOP and TDFN packages, and all six are available now for sampling. Volume production is expected to be available on October 1, 2012. Prices start at $0.78 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

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Microchip HID-class MCP2210 USB to SPI Protocol Converter

Microchip Technology introduced their HID-class MCP2210 USB to SPI protocol converter. The MCP2210 is a simple, small-footprint and cost-effective option for adding USB connectivity to SPI-based systems. The Microchip MCP2210 is available in a 20-pin SSOP package for $1.40 each, and a 20-pin 5×5 mm QFN package for $1.52 each, in 5,000-unit quantities. Samples and volume-production orders are available now. A MCP2210 evaluation kit is available for $29.99.

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Texas Instruments Unveils DAC87x8 Digital-to-Analog Converter Family

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced six new digital-to-analog converters (DACs) available in 12-, 14- and 16-bit versions and with either SPI or parallel interface. The eight-channel DAC87x8 family features a typical power consumption in normal mode of 14.8 mW/channel, dropping to <170 uW/channel in power-down mode. An internal 4x or 6x programmable gain provides a bipolar +/-16-V or unipolar 0-V to 33-V output range across eight channels. This eliminates the need for an external amplifier, saving cost and reducing board space by nearly 24 percent over competitive devices in automated test equipment (ATE), instrumentation, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and machine and motion control applications.

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