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MACOM Introduces MAMF-011015 X-Band Core Chip

M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) introduced their X-Band Core Chip (MAMF-011015). According to the company, it is the industry’s first integrated core chip for the 8 GHz – 11 GHz frequency range. The device offers a unique combination of QFN surface-mount packaging with advanced MMIC design integration to provide a simple and effective solution for next generation X-Band weather radar systems.

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Duke University Develops Next Gen Lens for Telecommunications, Radar

Duke University engineers have created a new generation of lens that could greatly improve the capabilities of telecommunications or radar systems to provide a wide field of view and greater detail. But the lens they fashioned doesn’t look anything like a lens. While traditional lenses are made of clear substances – like glass or plastic – with highly polished surfaces, the new lens looks more like a miniature set of tan Venetian blinds. Yet its ability to focus the direction of electromagnetic rays passing through it dramatically surpasses that of a conventional lens, the engineers say.

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