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Protecode Offers QuickAudit to Catch Illegal Use of Open Source and Third Party Code

Protecode is offering a new service called QuickAudit. The Protecode service audits code for small projects of 5,000 software files or less. Depending on the number of files, Protecode’s streamlined audit can be completed in as little as five days. This speeds up the quality review process because a code audit is often one of the last steps in the quality assurance process reviewed by a company.

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Protecode Developer Assistant Real-time, Open Source License Management

Developer Assistant for real-time management of open source licensing and copyrights is now available to the developer community worldwide. Previously, Developer Assistant was for the Eclipse Integrated Development Platform (IDE). Developer Assistant is the only solution currently on the market to detect open source and other third party code in real-time. Detecting open source licenses as soon as the code is brought in or put together reduces cost and time associated with fixing related problems later down the road.

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Protecode Launches Library IP Auditor

Protecode(R), Inc., creator of the world’s fastest and most reliable software Intellectual Property (IP) engine, launched the Library IP Auditor (LA), an extension to the Protecode Enterprise IP Analyzer (EA) product in its flagship product suite of IP assessment tools. The addition of this product is in response to the growing usage of open source and other third-party content in enterprises and the interest in integrating applications with existing development processes.

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