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Texas Instruments Debuts HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch

Texas Instruments (TI) HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch

Texas Instruments introduced the single-chip HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch. The TI HD3SS2521 is an integrated DockPort switch solution. It provides independent 2:1 passive switching for the SuperSpeed USB and Display Port signals as well as for the USB 2.0 (HS/FS/LS) and I2C necessary to support DockPort applications. The HD3SS2521 is available now in a 56-pin WQFN package. The suggested retail price is $1.85 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Numonyx Announces Omneo P5Q, P8P Phase Change Memory Devices

Numonyx B.V. introduced a set of innovative products based on the new class of memory technology called phase change memory (PCM). The new devices deliver higher performance, endurance and simplicity for wired and wireless communications, consumer electronics, PCs, and other embedded applications. The new embedded memory products blend many attributes associated with flash memory, as well as RAM and EEPROM, while delivering new capabilities in a single device. Introduced as the newly branded Numonyx® Omneo[tm] PCM, today’s new products promise up to 300 times faster write speeds and ten times more write endurance than today’s flash memory.

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