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WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus Module Features 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module

WinSystems announced the PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module. The PPM-GIGE-2-POE card features two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) circuits. The module can be used to source two remote tethered 802.3af/at compliant POE devices supporting up to 25W each from an external DC source. It is ideal for security, transportation, and industrial control where centralized power can simplify integration and reduce wiring costs. The WinSystems dual channel PPM-GIGE-2-POE is priced at $249 each.

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WinSystems Introduces PS394 Series of PC/104 Green Energy Power Supply Modules

WinSystems PS394 series of PC104 DC-DC Power Supply with Battery Back-up

WinSystems announced the PS394 series of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus highly integrated, green energy power supply modules. The series consists of three DC/DC supplies: PPM-PS394-533, PCM-PS394-500 and ISM-PS394-533. They support two inputs from solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC sources. The PPM-PS394-533 is priced at $249. The PCM-PS394-500 is $229 and the ISM-PS394-533 is $209. They are ideal for telemetry, pipelines, outdoor signage, military, transportation, and security applications.

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WinSystems Introduces PPM-DC-ATX PC/104-Plus DC/DC Power Supply

WinSystems PPM-DC-ATX PC/104-Plus DC/DC power supply

WinSystems introduced the PPM-DC-ATX power supply. The PC/104-Plus DC/DC power supply is ideal for PC/104, EPIC, and EBX single board computers that support ATX power controls. The PPM-DC-ATX features a wide voltage input range from 10 to 50 volts, which allows the unit to operate with 12, 24, or 48 volt battery-operated or distributed DC power systems. The WinSystems PPM-DC-ATX power supply is available now for $249.

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