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Direct Insight Announces TRITON-TXFB ARM Baseboards

TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board | Direct Insight

Direct Insight introduced the TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board. The TRITON-TXFB is configurable by changing a tiny (68mm x 26mm) processor module — from ARM9 to quad core ARM Cortex-A9. Unlike the many available community boards, the TRITON-TXFB is fully production-ready, with industrial temperature range support and protected I/O. It is intended for low and medium volume use in end-user products. The baseboards, modules, and Linux, Windows CE and Android software packages are available now.

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ADLINK Debuts USB-7230, USB-7250 Isolated USB Digital I/O Modules

ADLINK Technology USB-7230 and USB-7250 isolated USB digital I/O modules

ADLINK Technology introduced their USB-7230 and USB-7250 isolated USB digital I/O modules. The USB-7230 features 32-CH isolated digital I/O and 2-CH frequency/event counters, while the USB-7250 provides 8-CH solid-state relay output (4 form C and 4 form A), 8-CH isolated DI, and 2-CH frequency/event counters. The USB form factor DAQ/DIO products are ideal for high voltage control and monitoring applications.

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Data Translation Introduces DT9847 USB Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Data Translation DT9847 Series high-accuracy, dynamic signal acquisition modules for USB

Data Translation introduced the DT9847 Series high-accuracy, dynamic signal acquisition modules for USB. The DT9847 features an ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD) of 102dB. It also offers a 123dB dynamic range for low to high level precise signal measurement without any gain ranging. The DT9847 Series will be available this month. Prices start at $1595.

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Texas Instruments Launches TPS84259 and TPS84250 Step-Down Power Modules

Texas Instruments TPS84259 and TPS84250 step-down power modules

Texas Instruments launched the TPS84259 and TPS84250 step-down power modules. The power modules feature 65-V transient protection that integrates a DC/DC converter, inductor and passives in a very small, easy-to-use package. The TPS84250 and TPS84259 power modules are available in volume now. They are offered in a 41-lead QFN package and are priced at $5.25 and $6, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

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WinSystems Introduces PS394 Series of PC/104 Green Energy Power Supply Modules

WinSystems PS394 series of PC104 DC-DC Power Supply with Battery Back-up

WinSystems announced the PS394 series of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus highly integrated, green energy power supply modules. The series consists of three DC/DC supplies: PPM-PS394-533, PCM-PS394-500 and ISM-PS394-533. They support two inputs from solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC sources. The PPM-PS394-533 is priced at $249. The PCM-PS394-500 is $229 and the ISM-PS394-533 is $209. They are ideal for telemetry, pipelines, outdoor signage, military, transportation, and security applications.

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Impulse Announces ADAM-2000 Series of Wireless Remote I/O Sensor Modules

ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules ~ Impulse Corporation

Impulse Corporation introduced the ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules. The ADAM-2000 series combines input sensors and the IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless communication standard. The modules are flexible and cost effective distributed sensor monitoring systems. The sensors only update at one minute intervals. As a result, each sensor module can be powered by two AA alkaline batteries for up to a year. The ADAM-2000 series is now available.

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WinSystems Debuts ISM-TRM-ISO-IN, ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT Optically Isolated Signal Conditioning Modules

WinSystems ISM-TRM-ISO-IN and ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT optically isolated signal conditioning and termination boards

WinSystems announced the ISM-TRM-ISO-IN and ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT optically isolated signal conditioning and termination boards. The ISM-TRM-ISO-IN features 24 lines of optically isolated and digitally debounced inputs to provide easy connections and signal conditioning from field wiring. The ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT offers 24 lines of optically isolated outputs. The ISM-TRM-ISO-IN is priced at $209 each and the ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT is priced at $149 each. The boards are ideal for OEM embedded computer system designers.

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Radicom Research Launches RB1000 Embedded Bluetooth Modules

Radicom Research RB1000 family of embedded Bluetooth modules for OEM's

Radicom Research introduced the RB1000 family of embedded Bluetooth modules for OEM’s. There are two platforms available: RB1000 and RB1000HM. The RB1000 is a surface mount PCB module with on-board antenna. The RB1000HM is a DIP, through-hole module. The RB1000 and RB1000HM single-mode Bluetooth modules are now available. Prices start at $9 in quantity of 1,000 each for the RB1000. The Radicom embedded Bluetooth modules are ideal for watches, AMR, medical sensors, mice, TV remote controls and fitness trainers.

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Mercury Computer Systems Unveils HCD2100, BCC-301 AMC Modules

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a trusted provider of high-performance, real-time embedded computing, announced enhanced xTCA subsystems for demanding applications. These new subsystems provide high density, multi-core processing power and next generation serial RapidIO®, supporting twice the bandwidth of current solutions and delivering new Quality of Service capabilities.

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Laird Technologies Enhances LT2510 2.4 GHz Wireless Radio Modules

Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized, performance-critical components for wireless systems and other advanced electronics applications, announced the introduction of its enhanced LT2510 Proprietary 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Module product family. The product series includes model numbers PRM110, PRM111, PRM112, PRM113, PRM120, PRM121, PRM122, and PRM123.

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