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Johns Hopkins University Tests LynxSecure for Real-Time Applications

LynuxWorks[TM], Inc., a world leader in the embedded software market, announced that its LynxSecure separation kernel was independently tested with a series of performance tests at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), to help assess the use of separation kernels for future real-time, mission-critical systems.

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IBM POWER7 Systems Features Power Architecture

The recent announcement by IBM of its POWER7[tm] systems reinforces the Power Architecture® technology’s leadership in supporting the development of ground-breaking solutions that set new standards in price/performance, energy efficiency and virtualization, and emphasize the technology’s role as an indispensable building block for the world’s most demanding applications.

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Artisan Software Tools and Aonix Merge to Form Atego

Artisan® Software Tools and Aonix® have merged to create a new, stronger independent force in the mission- and safety-critical systems and software development tools market. The merged company is named Atego and headquartered in San Diego CA, USA. Artisan Software Tools is the world’s largest independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative modeling tools for complex, mission and safety-critical systems and software and Aonix is a leading supplier of critical systems development tools, virtual machines and services for real-time/embedded Java and Ada solutions.

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