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AWR Publishes Millimeter-Wave Wireless System Application Note

AWR recently published a news application note: Design of a Full ETSI E-band Circuit for a Millimeter-Wave Wireless System. The article explains how to use Microwave Office circuit design software to develop a Q- to E-band doubler and a K- to E-band quadrupler circuit (including a medium E-band power amplifier) for millimeter-wave wireless systems. The design effort resulted in an increase in gain as well as output power, two critical criteria for E-band systems.

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RF Electronics: Design and Simulation eBook

AWR recently published a new eBook. The book describes the use of AWR’s Microwave Office and AXIEM software to design RF electronic devices for applications such as amplifiers, radar, mobile phones, Bluetooth, and WLAN. It was written by C. J. (Keith) Kikkert, an adjunct associate professor of James Cook University (JCU) School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The title of the publication is RF Electronics: Design and Simulation.

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Application Note: Improved Circuit Design Flow using Modelithics Passive Models

Improved Circuit Design Flow using Modelithics Passive Models

AWR released an application note about the benefits of combining Modelithics Global Models for passive RLC components with AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency design software. The improved design flow solution maps the impact that individual components have on sub-system performance such that trade-offs can be made with regard to component values and tolerance, enabling lower manufacturing costs and improved yield. The title of the technical paper is: Improved Circuit Design Flow using Modelithics Passive Models.

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AWR Publishes Application Notes on Antenna Design

Design of a Near Field Communication Antenna System app note

AWR recently published two two application notes about antenna design. The titles of the two papers are: Design of a Near Field Communication Antenna System and Design Flow for Base Station Antennas. The NFC application note describes a sample Rohde & Schwarz NFC design using Microwave Office/AXIEM. The base station antennas article describes how antennas designed in Antenna Magus can be exported as models to AWR’s Microwave Office/AXIEM software for analysis and integration with circuits and other system components.

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AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro Enables PCB and RF Co-Design

AWR® Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, announced AWR Connected[tm] for Cadence® Allegro®, which enables PCB and RF co-design, simplifying the design process for high performance printed circuit board (PCB) design and significantly shortening cycle times. AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro is an interface between Cadence’s Allegro products, including both Allegro PCB and Allegro package/SiP design tools, and AWR’s Microwave Office® design software.

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AWR Announces Graduate Gift Initiative

AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, announced the AWR Graduate Gift Initiative, which will provide qualified 2010 graduates a fully-functional free license for its popular Microwave Office® and Visual System Simulator[tm] (VSS) software suites. The goal of the initiative is to give graduating engineering students a career head start by providing hands-on exposure to AWR’s high-frequency design software. The announcement was made at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association Annual Conference and Expo held here.

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AMPSA Multimatch Amplifier Design Wizard for AWR Microwave Office

AWR®, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) and AMPSA, supplier of RF and microwave amplifier design software, announced a relationship that enables AWR to incorporate AMPSA’s Multimatch amplifier design technology as an optional module into its industry-leading Microwave Office high-frequency design software. By making the Multimatch Amplifier Design Wizard (Multimatch ADW) readily available to Microwave Office software users, designers gain ready access to design technology for realizing state-of-the-art, high-dynamic-range RF and microwave amplifiers (Class A and Blass B).

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