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Texas Instruments Announces MSP430 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments introduced their MSP430 USB LaunchPad Evaluation Kit and supporting ecosystem of software and support for TI’s USB microcontrollers. The TI MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad is based on the ultra-low power MSP430F5529 microcontroller (MCU). It provides engineers and makers of all experience levels more connectivity, memory and performance options for a variety of low-power consumer, industrial, medical and wireless connectivity applications. The new MSP430 USB LaunchPad evaluation kit is available now for $12.99.

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Texas Instruments Introduces Hercules LaunchPad

Texas Instruments Hercules LaunchPad

Texas Instruments launched the Hercules LaunchPad, which is the latest member to their microcontroller LaunchPad ecosystem. The Hercules LaunchPad is an entry-level option that helps developers gain familiarity with TI Hercules MCUs and evaluate the MCUs performance and safety features. The TI Hercules TMS570LS04 MCU LaunchPad (LAUNCHXL-TMS57004) and Hercules RM42x MCU LaunchPad (LAUNCHXL-RM42) are available for $19.99. They are the lowest cost evaluation platforms for Hercules MCUs.

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2013 Texas Instruments MCU BoosterPack Design Challenge

TI MCU BoosterPack Design Challenge

Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics announced the TI MCU BoosterPack Design Challenge. Three winners will be selected. The grand prize is a round-trip flight to San Jose, California and an opportunity to be featured in the TI booth at DESIGN West. The deadline to submit an original BoosterPack design is March 1, 2013. Winners may also have the opportunity to have their original BoosterPack plug-in module designs considered for manufacture by CircuitCo Electronics.

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Microchip Debuts DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based Development Boards

DM320014 PIC32 USB Digital Audio Accessory Board

Microchip Technology introduced the DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based development boards. The DM320014 is a USB digital audio accessory board, while the DM320413 is a digital audio mixer board. The two development boards are powered by Microchip’s PIC32MX250F128 32-bit MCU. The DM320014 and DM320413 enable audio and voice device development for a broad range of applications. Both digital audio mixer boards are available now with prices starting at $69.99. The DM320413 is offered exclusively to Apple MFi licensees, via Apple’s authorized distributor. The DM320014 is available at microchipDIRECT.

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Get Your Free Samples of EFM32 Gecko Microcontrollers from Energy Micro

Free EFM32 samples from Energy Micro

Energy Micro is offering free samples of their EFM32 Gecko series microcontrollers (MCUs). The samples are available to qualified individuals worldwide. There is no additional charges for shipping, and lead time is only a few days. Energy Micro’s sampling program currently consists of the Gecko, Tiny Gecko, Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko families. The EFM32 series is based on the ARM Cortex-M series of processors, and consisting of over 240 variants.

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Microchip mTouch AR1100 Analog Resistive USB Touch Screen Controller

Microchip Technology introduced their mTouch AR1100 Analog Resistive USB Touch-Screen Controller. The Microchip AR1100 controller is a high-performance, USB plug-and-play device that offers advanced calibration capabilities as a USB mouse or single-input digitizer. It chip is available now in 20-pin SOIC, SSOP and QFN packages for $.95 each (10,000-unit quantities). The AR1100 is also available as a board product for $12 each in production quantities. The controller is ideal for medical devices, industrial controls, handwriting or signature capture applications.

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Microchip Audio Development Board for Creating 24-bit Audio Applications

Microchip Technology recently introduced the Audio Development Board for the creation of high-quality, 24-bit audio applications. The Audio Development Board for PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) features an 80 MIPS PIC32 MCU, a 24-bit Wolfson audio codec, a two-inch color LCD Display, a USB interface, and an onboard microphone. The Audio Development Board for PIC32 MCUs (part # DM320011) is available now for $149.99. The Digital Audio Development Kit for PIC32 MCUs (part # DM320411) is also available. This kit features the accessory development platform for iPod and iPhone. It will be available by September to Apple Made For iPod (MFi) licensees via Apple’s authorized distributor.

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Microcontroller Development Platform for Educators

Microchip Technology and Stratford Digital introduced a turnkey, 16-bit microcontroller development platform for educators. The platform consists of the MX PIC24 Module, MX Educational Target Board, and an Educator’s Lab Manual. The downloadable lab manual includes topics like microcontrollers, timers, pulse-width modulation, analog-to-digital converters, and power management. The MX PIC24 Module ($80) and MX Educational Target Board ($85) is available now from Microchip.

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IAR Embedded Workbench Supports STM32 F-2 Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers

AR Systems® announced the availability of IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® that supports the recently released STM32 F-2 series of high performance ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers. Believed to be the fastest Cortex-M3 device available and capable of achieving up to 150 Dhrystone MIPS, the STM32 F-2 device is aimed at high-performance power-sensitive applications. The STM32 F-2 together with IAR Embedded Workbench, with its ability to generate highly optimized and efficient code, is an ideal combination.

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AVIX RTOS Supports Energy Micro Cortex-M3 EFM32 Gecko Microcontroller

AVIX-RT, the company that brings you the AVIX RTOS, announced AVIX support for Energy Micro’s Cortex[TM]-M3-based EFM®32 microcontroller (MCU) family. The Ultra-fast AVIX RTOS with embedded power management is a perfect match for the EFM32 Gecko, which targets low power consumption applications.

“Many RTOS vendors have been bringing out Cortex-M3 ports, without fully utilizing the power saving facilities offered by modern, low energy architectures such as the Energy Micro EFM32 devices. We see increasing customer demand for feature rich RTOS support, which don’t compromise on energy efficiency. EFM32′s low energy mode features complement the AVIX RTOS very well, and provide a great solution for tackling energy sensitive applications”, says Stig A. Olsen, Software Manager, Energy Micro.

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