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Conexant CX20865 Integrates Low-Power DSP with Speech Recognition Engine

Conexant Systems introduced the CX20865 Far-Field Voice input processor SoC. The system-on-chip is designed specifically for Smart TVs. The chip is a dedicated Far-Field Voice solution with integrated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine. It is optimized for telepresence and voice control applications. The CX20865 is available in 9×9 BGA package. Prices start at $5.50 each in 100K quantities.

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Microchip Debuts MTCH101, MTCH112, MTCH810 and MTCH6301 Turnkey Controllers

Microchip Technology MTCH6301 turnkey projected-capacitive touch controller

Microchip Technology introduced their MTCH101, MTCH112, MTCH810 and MTCH6301 turnkey controllers. The new devices are ideal for multitouch projected-capacitive touchscreens and touchpads, proximity detection, and haptic touch feedback. All of four of the controllers are available now for sampling. Volume production is expected next month.

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SMIC Announces 1.2V Low-Power Embedded EEPROM Platform

The 1.2-volt Low-Power Embedded EEPROM Platform is now available from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation. It is fully compatible with SMIC’s 0.13-micron (um) low-leakage (LL) process. The process- and IP-qualified platform reduces power consumption, chip size, and cost, while increasing data security. The process is ideal for dual-interface IC cards and contactless smart cards.

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Microchip Technology Debuts MCP47A1 Digital-to-Analog Converter

Microchip Technology MCP47A1 Digital-to-Analog Converter

Microchip Technology announced their MCP47A1 Digital-to-Analog Converter. The volatile DAC is a low-power, low-cost device that features a 1.8-5.5V wide operating voltage range. The MCP47A1 DAC is available now for sampling and volume production. It is priced at $0.42 each in 5,000-unit quantities. The chip is offered in a 6-pin SC70 package. The MCP47A1 is ideal for applications in the automotive, audio and industrial markets; such as portable, handheld battery-operated products; and applications such as set-point or offset trimming and sensitive mechanical-trim pot replacement.

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Texas Instruments Introduces DS90C187 FPD-Link Serializer

Texas Instruments DS90C187 Low Power Dual Pixel FPD-Link (LVDS) Serializer

Texas Instruments announced their DS90C187 FPD-Link serializer. The low-power dual pixel serializer offers the industry’s highest screen resolution while extending battery life in tablet computers, ebooks, laptops and portable display monitors. It reduces the size of the RGB interface between the host GPU and the Display. The TI DS90C187 LVDS serializer supports dual pixel data transmission between Host and Flat Panel Display up to QXGA 2048×1536@60Hz resolutions. The DS90C187 is available now in a 92-pin QFN package and features single 1.8V supply for minimal power dissipation. The device is priced at $3.95 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Microchip Introduces MCP3911 Energy Measurement Analog Front End IC

Microchip Technology MCP3911 energy-measurement analog front end

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP3911 energy-measurement analog front end (AFE). The Microchip MCP3911 AFE features two 24-bit, delta-sigma ADCs that operate at 3V with an accuracy of 94.5 dB SINAD and 106.5 dB THD. The Microchip MCP3911 analog front end IC is available now for samples and volume production in 20-pin SSOP and QFN packages. Prices range from $1.40 to $1.43 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

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VIA Labs Introduces VL812 USB 3.0 Hub Controller

VIA Labs VL812 USB 3.0 Hub Controller

VIA Labs introduced their VL812 USB 3.0 Hub Controller. The VIA Labs VL812 features four ports, a new low-power design and an integrated 5V DC-DC switching regulator. The single-chip solution reduces BOM by offering high power efficiency and greater system integration. The third generation USB 3.0 hub controller is available now. The VL812 is ideal for stand-alone hubs, USB Docking, integrated motherboard, and compound device applications.

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Roving Networks Acquired by Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has acquired Roving Networks. Their easy-to-use solutions are tailor made for embedded applications, and broaden the range of wireless connectivity options to help engineers enable their products. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The transaction is expected to be immediately accretive on a non-GAAP basis.

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Mentor Graphics, Stonestreet One Integrate Bluetopia Protocol Stack with Nucleus RTOS

Mentor Graphics and Stonestreet One teamed together to integrate the Nucleus Real Time Operating System (RTOS) with the Bluetopia protocol stack. Seamless integrating Stonestreet One’s Bluetopia with Mentor’s Nucleus RTOS will enable developers to create innovative products for low power and connectivity with ease and reliability.

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Cadence Announces LPDDR3 Memory IP Solution

Cadence Design Systems’ design IP portfolio now includes intellectual property for the LPDDR3 mobile memory standard. As part of the LPDDR3 launch, Cadence has upgraded the bandwidth management engine, Placement Queue 2.2, to optimize the way memory is accessed to improve overall system performance and power consumption. In addition to LPDDR3, Cadence offers IP for other mobile and non-mobile memory standards in high demand by SoC designers, including Wide I/O and DDR4.

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