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LDRA Introduces LDRAunit for Automating Unit Tests

LDRA LDRAunit integrated framework for automating the generation and management of unit tests

LDRA announced the LDRAunit integrated framework for automating the generation and management of unit tests. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective host/target test generation and management solution for the C, C++, Ada, and Java languages. The tool takes over the tedious, error-prone process of manually developing a test harness simply by analyzing the code, generating tests, and applying a range of parameters that ensure against conditions that can cause unexpected results.

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LDRA Tool Suite Supports x86 Assembly Code

LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, has developed a variant of the LDRA tool suite that supports x86 assembler syntax. Catering to a broad range of x86 assembler platforms, including ASM486/386/286/186, Pharlap, MASM and Borland Assembler, the LDRA implementation provides scalable support for any x86 assembler variant. This integration enables certification for legacy applications that would not otherwise be certifiable.

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LDRA, Codice Software Team on Agile Development Framework for Embed-X

LDRA, the leading provider of automated software verification tools, and Codice Software, developer of the Plastic SCM, the next-generation software change and configuration management solution, have partnered to provide Agile development capability to Embed-X, the only ALM product focused on the development and verification of critical, embedded software systems. Although Agile development has previously been considered at cross-purposes with safety-critical software development, LDRA and Codice have solved these challenges by incorporating Plastic SCM’s Agile benefits into the Embed-X application lifecycle management solution.

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LDRA, Netrino Team on Embedded C Coding Standard for Static Analysis

LDRA, the leading provider of automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, and Netrino, the leader in embedded software architecture and process consulting, are partnering to implement the Embedded C Coding Standard. Support for the Embedded C Coding standard complements the LDRA tool suite’s extensive support for C language programming standards such as MISRA-C:1998 and MISRA-C:2004, CERT C, SEC C and GJB (Chinese Military Standard).

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