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Imec, Holst Centre to Present Papers at International Solid-State Circuits Conference

Imec and Holst Centre will present at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference next week in San Francisco, California. They will present fourteen papers on low power design for wireless communication and wireless sensor networks, and organic electronics. In addition, imec and Holst Centre will also reveal other important breakthroughs in wireless communication and wireless sensor networks, and organic electronics.

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Imec and Holst Centre Develop Ultralow Power IR-UWB Solution

Imec and Holst Centre developed a fully chip-integrated ultralow-power impulse-radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) solution for the 6-10GHz band, which is available worldwide. The radio features fade-resilient and interference-free operation. Imec and Holst Centre’s solution for the 6-10GHz band makes UWB communication available for battery-operated applications in the area of personal area networks and positioning sensors worldwide. Examples include short-range video streaming or around-the-body audio streaming (e.g. between a headset and a smartphone).

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Imec, Holst Centre, TASS Develop Electrocardiogram App for Android

Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an Android mobile phone. With this interface, imec, Holst Centre and TASS are the first to demonstrate a complete Body Area Network (BAN) connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance (ECG), brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), etc. The system will be demonstrated at the Wireless Health Conference in San Diego (US, October 5-7).

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