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Windows Generate Electricity with Heliatek Transparent Solar Films

Heliatek transparent solar films enable glass windows to harvest energy

Thanks to technology from Heliatek, windows can be transformed into energy harvesters. According to the company, its transparent solar films can be integrated between the glass sheets of double glazed windows. The windows would look like tinted glass as the vapor deposition technology for the solar films allows for a homogeneous coating of the solar layer without any distracting patterns or irregularities. Heliatek is currently working with glass and other building material manufacturers to include its solar film technology in their products.

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Duke University Develops Next Gen Lens for Telecommunications, Radar

Duke University engineers have created a new generation of lens that could greatly improve the capabilities of telecommunications or radar systems to provide a wide field of view and greater detail. But the lens they fashioned doesn’t look anything like a lens. While traditional lenses are made of clear substances – like glass or plastic – with highly polished surfaces, the new lens looks more like a miniature set of tan Venetian blinds. Yet its ability to focus the direction of electromagnetic rays passing through it dramatically surpasses that of a conventional lens, the engineers say.

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