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First-Pass Silicon Success: Synopsys DesignWare 96 dB Hi-Fi Audio IP

Synopsys’ DesignWare 96 dB Hi-Fi Audio IP has achieved first-pass silicon success in 65-nanometer (nm) and 55-nm process technologies for multiple foundries. The silicon-proven audio IP is ideal for consumer electronic system-on-chip (SoC) applications such as portable media players, smart phones, CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray Disc players/recorders, digital TV and digital cameras. The Synopsys DesignWare 96 dB Hi-Fi Audio IP in 65-nm and 55-nm processes is available now for multiple foundries.

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Mentor Graphics Supports Open Process Design Kit Coalition

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) reinforced its support for the work of the Open PDK (Process Design Kit) Coalition with the announcement that Linda Fosler, director of marketing for the Deep Submicron Division, will serve as Open PDK Coalition Vice-Chair. The goal of the Open PDK Coalition is to define a set of open standards to allow a PDK to be as portable across foundries and as agnostic to EDA tools as possible.

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IPL Alliance Debuts Open Standard for Interoperable Process Design Kits

The Interoperable PDK Libraries (IPL) Alliance announced the release of the semiconductor industry’s first open standard for interoperable Process Design Kits (iPDKs). This release is a major accomplishment achieved through the collaboration of IPL Alliance member companies. Semiconductor foundries and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) can use this standard to build a single iPDK that works with multiple OpenAccess-based custom design tools, reducing development costs and the need to support vendor-specific PDKs.

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