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Texas Instruments ADS1293 Analog Front End Supports 5 Leads with Single AFE

Texas Instruments ADS1293 analog-front-end (AFE) IC

Texas Instruments introduced their ADS1293 analog-front-end (AFE) IC. The TI ADS1293 can support one to five leads with a single AFE. It reduces the size, power consumption and overall cost of scalable medical instrumentation systems. The AFE is available now in a 5mm x 5mm QFN package. It is priced at $5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities. The analog-front-end is ideal for biopotential measurement applications like portable, battery-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) solutions, Holter monitors and wireless patient monitoring equipment.

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Imec, Holst Centre, TASS Develop Electrocardiogram App for Android

Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an Android mobile phone. With this interface, imec, Holst Centre and TASS are the first to demonstrate a complete Body Area Network (BAN) connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance (ECG), brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), etc. The system will be demonstrated at the Wireless Health Conference in San Diego (US, October 5-7).

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