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e-con Systems Debuts See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Camera

e-con Systems See3CAM_80 camera with e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD module

e-con Systems introduced the See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed camera. The See3CAM_80 supports video streaming at resolutions of up to 1080p @30fps and includes an eight megapixel autofocus camera module, the e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD, with an OV8825 CMOS image sensor. The UVC compliant camera is plug-and-play in both Windows and Linux. In Windows, the camera is exposed as a DirectShow device and in Linux, as a V4L2 capture source.

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e-con Systems Introduces Capella Stereo Vision Camera Reference Design

e-con Systems introduced their stereo vision camera reference design (code-named Capella). The new reference design features a DM3730-based Gumstix Overo Water Storm COM, a Gumstix Tobi expansion board and e-con’s camera daughter board (e-CAM_9V024_STEREO). The Capella reference design is the first stereo vision camera reference design based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP/DM37x family of processors and Gumstix Overo computer-on-module (COM) series.

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e-con Systems e-CAM50 CU35x GSTIX Custom Lens Camera Board

e-con Systems announced the e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX, which is a 5 Mega pixel fixed focus custom lens camera solution. The e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX connects to the Gumstix Overo computer on module via a 27pin flex cable. Engineers have a choice of lens for the board. The e-con camera solution is ideal for low vision products, OCR and video conferencing. The e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX custom lens camera board is available now.

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