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Zinc Oxide Nanowire Lasers Triple DVD Storage, Kill Bad Cells, Purify Water

A team of researchers at the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside has made a breakthrough in zinc oxide nanowire waveguide lasers. Zinc oxide nanowire lasers could be used to read and process much denser data on storage media. With zinc oxide, a DVD could store four to six hours of music instead of two hours. The research findings have been published in the July issue of Nature Nanotechnology.

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Blu-ray Player Revenue to Outgrow DVD Player Revenue by 4x

High-volume shipments of Blu-ray players, most of which feature network connectivity, are finally making inroads into the broader disc player and recorder market, reports In-Stat. By 2013, Blu-ray player shipments will still lag slightly behind the 90 million DVD player unit shipments. However, higher average selling prices will put Blu-ray player revenue at more than 4 times as large as DVD player revenue.

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