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Microchip Technology Introduces MCP41HVXX High Voltage Digital Potentiometers

Microchip Technology MCP41HV51 volatile, SPI digital potentiometer

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP41HV31 and MCP41HV51 (MCP41HVXX) volatile, SPI digital potentiometers. The devices operate at 10, 12, 18, 24 and particularly 36 volts, for systems requiring wide signal swing or high power-supply voltages. Both digital potentiometers are available now for samples and volume production, in 14-pin TSSOP and 20-pin, 5×5 mm QFN packages. The MCP41HV31 is priced at $0.99 each and the MCP41HV51 is $1.09 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

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Analog Devices Debuts AD514x and AD512x Series of digiPOT Devices

Analog Devices AD514x and AD512x series of non-volatile single-, dual- and quad-channel digital potentiometers

Analog Devices launched the AD514x and AD512x series of non-volatile single-, dual- and quad-channel digital potentiometers. The ADI digiPOT devices feature resistance tolerance of ±1 percent (typical). The AD514x and AD512x series improves component matching in industrial and communication control systems. Digital POT devices can be used to calibrate system tolerances or dynamically control system parameters. Nonvolatile memory digital potentiometers provide wiper setting retention after a power OFF to ON cycle. In addition, fuse link parts offer a one time program trimmer feature.

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ON Semiconductor Debuts CAT5270, CAT5271 Digital Potentiometer ICs

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a leading global supplier of high performance, energy efficient silicon solutions, announced the availability of two new Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP[TM]) ICs suitable for high accuracy and stability for variable resistance adjustment applications in a wide range of industrial and consumer products. The CAT5270 and CAT5271 are dual-channel digital potentiometers with 256 resistor taps for fine resolution adjustment and an I2C-compatible interface for maximum interoperability. The new ON Semiconductor DPPs feature a volatile wiper register, making them ideal for applications using a microcontroller (MCU) with on-chip memory for wiper recall, or for systems that do not require memory. They also provide a low-noise, reliable and space-saving alternative to mechanical potentiometers with the added benefit of immunity to dust/dirt contamination and vibration.

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