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Microchip Technology Introduces MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit

Microchip Technology MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit

Microchip Technology introduced the MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit for 3D gesturing systems. The MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit enables engineers to integrate an advanced 3D hand-position and gesturing user interface to virtually any electronic product. The Hillstar Development Kit (part #DM160218) is available for now for $179. The MGC3130 Configurable 3D Gesture Controller is shipping in production volumes.

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Embedded Artists, NXP Team on ARM-based Android Open Accessory Development Kit

Embedded Artists and NXP Semiconductors teamed on a new Android Open Accessory Application (AOAA) development kit. The AOAA Kit for Android includes the NXP LPC1769 and the LPC11C24 microcontrollers, which are based on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M architecture. The board in the kit features a remote CAN node and interfaces for Ethernet, CAN and IEEE 802.15.4. The AOAA Kit for Android makes it easy for designers to develop, evaluate and prototype more complex accessories for Android smartphones and tablets. It is available now for $79.99.

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Microchip Audio Development Board for Creating 24-bit Audio Applications

Microchip Technology recently introduced the Audio Development Board for the creation of high-quality, 24-bit audio applications. The Audio Development Board for PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) features an 80 MIPS PIC32 MCU, a 24-bit Wolfson audio codec, a two-inch color LCD Display, a USB interface, and an onboard microphone. The Audio Development Board for PIC32 MCUs (part # DM320011) is available now for $149.99. The Digital Audio Development Kit for PIC32 MCUs (part # DM320411) is also available. This kit features the accessory development platform for iPod and iPhone. It will be available by September to Apple Made For iPod (MFi) licensees via Apple’s authorized distributor.

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