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Physik Instrumente Announces H-820 6-Axis Positioner with Controller

PI (Physik Instrumente) H-820 Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner with Controller

PI (Physik Instrumente) announced the H-820 hexapod. The lower-cost parallel positioning devices produce motion in all six degrees of freedom, such as XYZ as well as pitch, yaw and roll. The hexapod is ideal for industrial automation and manufacturing, neuroscience, bio-technology research, or for micro-manipulation, the alignment and assembly of mechanical components, micromachining, satellite testing, sensor alignment, X-ray microscopy and medical engineering.

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Texas Instruments Debuts HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch

Texas Instruments (TI) HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch

Texas Instruments introduced the single-chip HD3SS2521 DockPort Controller and Switch. The TI HD3SS2521 is an integrated DockPort switch solution. It provides independent 2:1 passive switching for the SuperSpeed USB and Display Port signals as well as for the USB 2.0 (HS/FS/LS) and I2C necessary to support DockPort applications. The HD3SS2521 is available now in a 56-pin WQFN package. The suggested retail price is $1.85 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Lantronix Debuts xSenso Controller for Process Control and Automation

Lantronix xSenso Controller

Lantronix introduced the xSenso Controller. The new analog and relay outputs provide the ability to take action by instantly controlling industrial processes and equipment based on the sensor readings and predefined thresholds to solve real-time problems. It is ideal for industrial automation, process control, manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas industries. The xSenso analog sensor is available now.

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Texas Instruments Debuts TPS92075 Controller, TPS92560 Lighting Driver

Texas Instruments (TI) TPS92075 controller and TPS92560 lighting driver

Texas Instruments announced the TPS92075 controller and TPS92560 lighting driver. According to TI, the TPS92075 is the industry’s smallest off-line, phase-dimmable, constant-current lighting controller. The TPS92560 simplifies the retrofit of a variety of LED bulbs, including E14, GU10, A19, PAR20/30/38, MR16 and AR111. The TPS92075 controller and TPS92560 driver reduce component count and solution size while improving compatibility with legacy lighting controls.

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GreenPeak Technologies Debuts GP410 IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee PRO Green Power Controller

GreenPeak Technologies recently introduced their GP410 IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee PRO Green Power controller. The chip enables engineers to quickly develop and easily deploy low cost, battery-free, self-powered solutions. Green Power nodes can also be powered by a small battery, and due to the ultra-low power consumption, the battery will easily outlast the application’s expected life span.

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Distec Introduces PrismaECO-III and PrismaMEDIA-eco TFT Controllers

PrismaECO-III TFT Controller

Distec introduced the PrismaMEDIA-eco and PrismaECO-III TFT controllers. The third generation PrismaECO-III features PWM (pulse-width modulation) function for controlling LED backlights, while the newly developed PrismaMEDIA-eco offers a DisplayPort interface for Full-HD. Both TFT controllers are individually adapted to each TFT panel and are available, ready to install with cable assembly and panel. The production is done exclusively in Germany. Customized adaptations to hardware and firmware are possible on a project by project basis.

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GreenPeak Technologies Debuts GP510 RF4CE Network Communications Controller

GreenPeak Technologies GP510 RF4CE network communications controller

GreenPeak Technologies introduced their GP510 communication controller chip. The GP510 supports all communication between ZigBee RF4CE enabled devices and the set-top box or gateway. The system-on-chip is optimized for low cost BOM while offering excellent range and reliability. The GreenPeak GP510 communication controller chip is ideal for set-top boxes that serves as the ZigBee RF4CE hub for the home.

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Cadence Announces LPDDR3 Memory IP Solution

Cadence Design Systems’ design IP portfolio now includes intellectual property for the LPDDR3 mobile memory standard. As part of the LPDDR3 launch, Cadence has upgraded the bandwidth management engine, Placement Queue 2.2, to optimize the way memory is accessed to improve overall system performance and power consumption. In addition to LPDDR3, Cadence offers IP for other mobile and non-mobile memory standards in high demand by SoC designers, including Wide I/O and DDR4.

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ZMDI ZSPM1000 True Digital PWM Controller and ZSPM9000 DrMOS Device

ZMDI announced the ZSPM1000 True Digital PWM Controller and the ZSPM9000 DrMOS Device. The ZSPM1000 is a configurable digital power management system controller for high-current nonisolated DC/DC supplies. It operates as synchronous step-down converter in a single-rail and single-phase configuration. The ZSPM9000 DrMOS is a fully optimized, ultra compact, integrated MOSFET plus driver power stage solution for high-current, high-frequency, synchronous buck DC-DC applications. The ZSPM1000 controller and the ZSPM9000 DrMOS are available now. The chipset is priced at $3.21 (2.12 €) for 10,000 units. The chipset is ideal for smart power management applications.

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Microchip mTouch AR1100 Analog Resistive USB Touch Screen Controller

Microchip Technology introduced their mTouch AR1100 Analog Resistive USB Touch-Screen Controller. The Microchip AR1100 controller is a high-performance, USB plug-and-play device that offers advanced calibration capabilities as a USB mouse or single-input digitizer. It chip is available now in 20-pin SOIC, SSOP and QFN packages for $.95 each (10,000-unit quantities). The AR1100 is also available as a board product for $12 each in production quantities. The controller is ideal for medical devices, industrial controls, handwriting or signature capture applications.

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