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Elsevier Publishes New Electrical Engineering and Communications Books

Optical Fiber Telecommunications Volume VIA

Elsevier recently published seven new titles in the area of Electrical Engineering and Communications. The titles of the books are Optical Fiber Telecommunications Volume VIA, Optical Fiber Telecommunications Volume VIB, Electromagnetic Surface Waves: A Modern Perspective, Op Amps for Everyone, Intelligent Systems for Security Informatics, Advances in Analog and RF IC Design for Wireless Communication Systems, and System Parameter Identification: Information Criteria and Algorithms.

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The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards – Synopsys Book

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS), under the imprint of Synopsys Press, has published The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards. The book, authored by Karen Bartleson, senior director of community marketing at Synopsys, shares the author’s 20 years of real-world experience in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry working with colleagues, competitors and standards organizations to bring about standards such as SystemVerilog, Liberty and UPF. The text includes concepts to help participants understand the climate in which technical standards are created, and it offers ways to improve the standardization process.

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MicriumPress to Publish Books on Embedded Systems

Micrium, a leading developer of real-time embedded software, announced the creation of a strategic business unit that will build on the company’s publishing efforts and success to date. Called MicriumPress, the unit will facilitate creation of a series of books that provide in-depth knowledge to embedded systems design and development engineers as they tackle the growing complexity of embedded designs.

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