Texas Instruments Debuts LMP92064 Digital Current Sensor and Voltage Monitor

Texas Instruments (TI) LMP92064 digital current sensor and voltage monitor

Texas Instruments announced the LMP92064 IC. It is the industry’s first digital current sensor and voltage monitor with simultaneous sampling and SPI interface. The TI LMP92064 is available now in a 16-pin, 5-mm x 4-mm WSON package for a suggested retail price of $1.99 in 1,000-unit quantities. The LMP92064 is ideal for applications where precise power monitoring is crucial, such as communications infrastructure applications, including telecom, servers and central office equipment.

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Direct Insight Announces TRITON-TXFB ARM Baseboards

TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board | Direct Insight

Direct Insight introduced the TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board. The TRITON-TXFB is configurable by changing a tiny (68mm x 26mm) processor module — from ARM9 to quad core ARM Cortex-A9. Unlike the many available community boards, the TRITON-TXFB is fully production-ready, with industrial temperature range support and protected I/O. It is intended for low and medium volume use in end-user products. The baseboards, modules, and Linux, Windows CE and Android software packages are available now.

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Texas Instruments Introduces PGA281 Programmable Gain Amplifier

Texas Instruments (TI) PGA281 programmable gain amplifier (PGA)

Texas Instruments announced their PGA281 programmable gain amplifier. The TI PGA281 is a fully differential, zero-drift, 36-V PGA. The PGA281 is available now in a 5mm by 6.4mm, 16-pin TSSOP package, specified over a temperature range of -40 C to +105 C. The device has a suggested retail price of $2.55 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Accellera Announces IEEE 1685-2009 IP-XACT Standard

Accellera Systems Initiative has developed new vendor extensions for IEEE 1685-2009: IP-XACT, Standard Structure for Packaging, Integrating and Reusing IP within Tool Flows. IP-XACT enabled IP is leveraged by a wide range of companies. The vendor extensions reinforce Accellera’s commitment to shape IP standards that promote reuse and speed designer productivity substantially.

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Microchip Unveils SST12CP12 High-Power and High-Gain Power Amplifier

Microchip SST12CP12 2.4 GHz High-Power and High-Gain Power Amplifier

Microchip Technology introduced the SST12CP12 power amplifier. The SST12CP12 is a 2.4 GHz high-power and high-gain power amp. The chip supports the 256-QAM ultra-high data rate modulation. The SST12CP12 is available now for sampling and volume production, in a 3x3x0.55 mm, 16-pin QFN package. It is priced at $0.976 each, in 10,000-unit quantities.

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MACOM Introduces MAMF-011015 X-Band Core Chip

M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) introduced their X-Band Core Chip (MAMF-011015). According to the company, it is the industry’s first integrated core chip for the 8 GHz – 11 GHz frequency range. The device offers a unique combination of QFN surface-mount packaging with advanced MMIC design integration to provide a simple and effective solution for next generation X-Band weather radar systems.

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TI Debuts TAS5760xx Four Digital Input, Closed Loop I2S Amplifiers

Texas Instruments (TI) TAS5760xx family of four digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers

Texas Instruments announced the TAS5760xx family of four digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers. The TI TAS5760xx consists of the TAS5760MD, TAS5760LD, TAS5760M and TAS5760L devices. The TAS5760xx are available in four pin-compatible, 48-pin versions: the TAS5760MD and TAS5760LD with headphone amplifiers/line drivers, and the TAS5760M and TAS5760L non-headphone versions. The TAS5760M and TAS5760L are also offered in 9mm by 6mm, 32-pin packages.

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LDRA Introduces LDRAunit for Automating Unit Tests

LDRA LDRAunit integrated framework for automating the generation and management of unit tests

LDRA announced the LDRAunit integrated framework for automating the generation and management of unit tests. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective host/target test generation and management solution for the C, C++, Ada, and Java languages. The tool takes over the tedious, error-prone process of manually developing a test harness simply by analyzing the code, generating tests, and applying a range of parameters that ensure against conditions that can cause unexpected results.

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Ams Introduces AS3435 and AS3415 ANC Speaker Drivers

ams AS3415 feed-forward ANC speaker driver

ams announced the AS3435 and AS3415 ANC speaker drivers. The devices will enable a new generation of noise cancellation stereo headsets with zero audible hiss. The AS3415 and AS3435 ANC speaker driver ICs are available for sampling now. The AS3435 feedback ANC IC is priced at $3.90 for 1,000 pieces. The AS3415 feed-forward ANC IC is priced at $3.50 for 1,000 pieces. The AS3435 is in a QFN36 package, and the AS3415 in a QFN32 package, both 5mm x 5mm.

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JEDEC Solid State Technology Association Debuts JESD220B UFS v2.0

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association published version two of the Universal Flash Storage standard. JESD220B UFS v2.0 features increased link bandwidth for performance improvement, a security features extension, and additional power saving features over the prior version. Universal Flash Storage v2.0 may be downloaded free of charge.

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