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AWR Publishes Millimeter-Wave Wireless System Application Note

AWR recently published a news application note: Design of a Full ETSI E-band Circuit for a Millimeter-Wave Wireless System. The article explains how to use Microwave Office circuit design software to develop a Q- to E-band doubler and a K- to E-band quadrupler circuit (including a medium E-band power amplifier) for millimeter-wave wireless systems. The design effort resulted in an increase in gain as well as output power, two critical criteria for E-band systems.

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TI Announces NFCLink and Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H

Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H

Texas Instruments announced the Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H. The TI near field communications hardware enables uncomplicated and inexpensive wireless set up. Texas Instruments also announced that the NFCLink software is a standard NFC library for the TRF79xx NFC transceiver family to ease NFC development on TI embedded processors.

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Microsemi, Virtual Extension Debut Wireless Mesh Network Solution

Microsemi and Virtual Extension teamed on a two-chip wireless mesh network chipset and reference design. The reference design features Microsemi’s ZL70250 chip scale package (CSP) radio frequency (RF) transceiver for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band applications and Virtual Extension’s VE209M wireless mesh controller. Evaluation kits are available immediately from both Microsemi and Virtual Extension.

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Microchip BodyCom Uses Human Body as Secure, Low-Power Communication Channel

Microchip BodyCom Technology

Microchip Technology launched their BodyCom technology. It is the first framework for using the human body as a secure communication channel. BodyCom technology provides a secure, low-cost and easy method for implementing short-range, low-data-rate wireless communication with the lowest power consumption. The BodyCom Development Framework is available via free download, and it works with any of our PIC microcontrollers.

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IEEE Updates Four IEEE 802 Standards for Wireless Communications

IEEE have made updates to four wireless communications technologies in the IEEE 802 family of standards, as well as a new IEEE 802 standards-development project. The new updates to the IEEE 802 standards will enable utilities around the world to build the carrier-grade, high-capacity networks they will need to connect the millions of grid components and end-use devices that will operate on smart grids.

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Radiocrafts Announces RC1700HP-MBUS4 Wireless M-Bus Module

Radiocrafts RC1700HP-MBUS4 Wireless M-Bus Module

Radiocrafts introduced the RC1700HP-MBUS4 169 MHz module. The RC1700HP-MBUS4 includes a Wireless M-Bus stack, which supports all physical layers, MAC layers and frame formats, transport and security layers. It includes the features necessary for secure two-way communication between meter and concentrator. The module handles all of the critical timing for two-way communication. The Radiocrafts RC1700HP-MBUS4 Wireless M-Bus module is ideal for long range Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

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AWR Publishes Application Notes on Antenna Design

Design of a Near Field Communication Antenna System app note

AWR recently published two two application notes about antenna design. The titles of the two papers are: Design of a Near Field Communication Antenna System and Design Flow for Base Station Antennas. The NFC application note describes a sample Rohde & Schwarz NFC design using Microwave Office/AXIEM. The base station antennas article describes how antennas designed in Antenna Magus can be exported as models to AWR’s Microwave Office/AXIEM software for analysis and integration with circuits and other system components.

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GreenPeak Introduces GP710 Dual-Protocol ZigBee Communications Controller

GreenPeak Technologies GP710 dual-protocol ZigBee communications controller

GreenPeak Technologies introduced the GP710 dual-protocol ZigBee communications controller. The GP710 IC offers simultaneous support for ZigBee RF4CE and ZigBee IP/ZigBee PRO protocols. The GP710 communication controller includes special hardware features that enable multi-protocol support. The single chip minimizes the interrupt load on the set-top box processor.

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Impulse Announces ADAM-2000 Series of Wireless Remote I/O Sensor Modules

ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules ~ Impulse Corporation

Impulse Corporation introduced the ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules. The ADAM-2000 series combines input sensors and the IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless communication standard. The modules are flexible and cost effective distributed sensor monitoring systems. The sensors only update at one minute intervals. As a result, each sensor module can be powered by two AA alkaline batteries for up to a year. The ADAM-2000 series is now available.

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Moxa UC-8481 Embedded Computer Features Multiple WAN Wireless Routing

Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer for multiple-WAN wireless routing

The Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer is designed for multiple-WAN wireless routing. It features the Intel XScale IXP435 533 MHz RISC CPU, 32 MB NOR Flash ROM, 512 MB SDRAM, 512 MB NAND Flash, two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, two Ethernet ports, four digital input channels, four digital output channels, a CompactFlash socket, and two USB 2.0 ports. The Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer is ideal for managing wireless connections in cross-operator environments.

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