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WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus Module Features 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module

WinSystems announced the PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module. The PPM-GIGE-2-POE card features two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) circuits. The module can be used to source two remote tethered 802.3af/at compliant POE devices supporting up to 25W each from an external DC source. It is ideal for security, transportation, and industrial control where centralized power can simplify integration and reduce wiring costs. The WinSystems dual channel PPM-GIGE-2-POE is priced at $249 each.

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Lantronix Introduces xDirect Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server

Lantronix xDirect serial-to-Ethernet device server

Lantronix launched their new xDirect serial-to-Ethernet device server. The xDirect provides quick and easy connectivity to virtually any device or machine with a serial interface. The Lantronix xDirect is available now for $99.95. It is ideal for environmental monitoring, metering, security, industrial automation, and medical applications.

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TI TLK10034 PHY SerDes Supports Multiple 10G/40G Ethernet Standards

TI TLK10034 physical layer serializer/deserializer

Texas Instruments announced the TLK10034 physical layer serializer/deserializer. The new TI PHY SerDes is the industry’s first quad-channel XAUI/10GBASE-KR transceiver to support multiple 10G/40G Ethernet standards, and proprietary data rates from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The TI TLK10034 device is available now in a 19mm by 19mm, 324-pin PBGA package. It has a suggested retail price of $45 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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Moxa UC-8481 Embedded Computer Features Multiple WAN Wireless Routing

Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer for multiple-WAN wireless routing

The Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer is designed for multiple-WAN wireless routing. It features the Intel XScale IXP435 533 MHz RISC CPU, 32 MB NOR Flash ROM, 512 MB SDRAM, 512 MB NAND Flash, two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, two Ethernet ports, four digital input channels, four digital output channels, a CompactFlash socket, and two USB 2.0 ports. The Moxa UC-8481 embedded computer is ideal for managing wireless connections in cross-operator environments.

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Greenvity Unveils Hybrii-XL GV7011 and Hybrii-PLC GV7012 System-on-Chip Devices

Greenvity Hybrii-XL GV7011 system-on-chip

Greenvity Communications launched their Hybrii system-on-chip family. The hybrid SoC integrates powerline communication (PLC) and wireless capabilities on a single chip. Hybrii devices currently include the Hybrii-XL chip for smart grid, smart energy management, industrial and consumer applications, and the Hybrii-PLC device for rugged, high temperature conditions. Samples and evaluation kits of the Hybrii-XL (GV7011) and Hybrii-PLC (GV7012) are available now.

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GreenPeak Technologies Debuts GP510 RF4CE Network Communications Controller

GreenPeak Technologies GP510 RF4CE network communications controller

GreenPeak Technologies introduced their GP510 communication controller chip. The GP510 supports all communication between ZigBee RF4CE enabled devices and the set-top box or gateway. The system-on-chip is optimized for low cost BOM while offering excellent range and reliability. The GreenPeak GP510 communication controller chip is ideal for set-top boxes that serves as the ZigBee RF4CE hub for the home.

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Lantronix Debuts PremierWave XC GSM/GPRS and Ethernet Serial Device Server

Lantronix PremierWave XC hybrid GSM/GPRS and Ethernet dual-port serial device server

Lantronix introduced the PremierWave XC, which is a hybrid GSM/GPRS and Ethernet dual-port serial device server. The PremierWave XC allows remote access to, and management of, virtually any serial device via a GSM/GPRS or Ethernet network. The Linux-based application server features ease of use, robust device server functionality, and GPRS connectivity. The Lantronix PremierWave XC MSRP is available now. The device is priced at $328.

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Netronome Introduces NFP-6xxx 200 Gbps Flow Processor

Netronome NFP-6xxx Flow Processors

Netronome revealed details of their NFP-6xxx flow processor family. The Netronome NFP-6xxx features 216 processing cores and 100 accelerators. The flow processors are optimized for packet, flow, security and content processing in a single device. It is the world’s first programmable 200 Gbps flow processor. The Netronome NFP-6xxx flow processors are ideal for 100-400 Gbps intelligent line cards, service blades and PCIe cards in applications such as carrier networking, cyber security, software-defined networking (including OpenFlow), mobile networking, virtualized datacenters and cloud computing.

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Network Storage Slowing Down EDA Tools

Biggest Issues with Symbolic Links for Disk Space Management

IC Manage, Inc. released the results of their recent Global Design Management Report. According to their survey, the top three driving reasons for using a Design Management (DM) system are: easier to trace and fix bugs (53%), easier team collaboration (49%), and IP Reuse/Logistics Management (43%). The next tier was a 3-way tie between: reduced project delays and/or respins; easier access to prior working configurations; and improved designer efficiency, all at 32%. These items were followed by better product quality (27%) and better derivative design management (24%). The survey included the responses of 524 IC design professionals.

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iDigi Connector Connects Any Device to Internet

Digi International rolled out iDigi Connector, which is a free software download that enables devices to seamlessly connect to the iDigi Device Cloud. iDigi Connector works with any device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. As a result, any device, anywhere, can now connect to any Internet application. The iDigi Connector makes the iDigi Device Cloud a completely open platform and extends the benefits of cloud connectivity to any device.

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