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Physik Instrumente Announces H-820 6-Axis Positioner with Controller

PI (Physik Instrumente) H-820 Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner with Controller

PI (Physik Instrumente) announced the H-820 hexapod. The lower-cost parallel positioning devices produce motion in all six degrees of freedom, such as XYZ as well as pitch, yaw and roll. The hexapod is ideal for industrial automation and manufacturing, neuroscience, bio-technology research, or for micro-manipulation, the alignment and assembly of mechanical components, micromachining, satellite testing, sensor alignment, X-ray microscopy and medical engineering.

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White Paper: Making Industrial Touch A Reality

Making Industrial Touch A Reality

Avnet Electronics Marketing published a white paper about how to make industrial touch screen a reality. The technical paper provides design engineers with the information that they need to take industrial touch solutions from fantasy to reality. The article encapsulates that background for the design engineers who are incorporating touch screens into industrial applications. The title of the white paper is Making Industrial Touch A Reality.

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Lantronix Debuts xSenso Controller for Process Control and Automation

Lantronix xSenso Controller

Lantronix introduced the xSenso Controller. The new analog and relay outputs provide the ability to take action by instantly controlling industrial processes and equipment based on the sensor readings and predefined thresholds to solve real-time problems. It is ideal for industrial automation, process control, manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas industries. The xSenso analog sensor is available now.

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Habey Medical-Grade TPC-6507 Tablet PC

Habey USA introduced the TPC-6507 tablet PC. The TPC-6507 tablet features the Intel Atom Z510, onboard 1GB RAM, integrated RFID reader, 7-inch LED-backlit touch pad, WIFI, Bluetooth, 6-cell Li-Ion replaceable battery, and mini USB port. The medical-grade TPC-6507 is ideal for healthcare assistance, retail management, and RFID-based smart card applications. The Habey TPC-6507 tablet PC supports Windows Embedded XP/7 and Linux operating systems.

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GE Intelligent Platforms ADEPT3000 Automatic Video Tracker

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the ADEPT3000 miniature rugged automatic video tracker. The ADEPT3000 is designed for the detection and surveillance of a moving object. The SWaP optimized automatic video tracking solution measures 34mm x 24mm (about the size of a microprocessor), weighs about six grams, and consumes minimal power (about 1 watt). The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ADEPT3000 is ideal for small unmanned aerial vehicles and man portable devices.

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IEI Technology Unveils AFOLUX 4 Touch Panel PCs for Home Automation

The integration of all household electronics and the ability to control them from a central location are the essentialAFOLUX-4series elements of a modern smart home. Household appliances and functions are being automated, allowing lighting, appliances, air-conditioning, security systems, monitoring systems, telephones, intercoms and anything with remote control capabilities to be centrally controlled. The AFOLUX 4-series panel PC has a user-friendly interface and the powerful features necessary for central control of an automated household or building.

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IEI Technology Rolls Out Industrial Data Collection Devices

Interconnectivity between industrial devices and data collection hardware is essentialfor efficient operations, reducing bottlenecks and allowing on-time delivery of critical data. IEI Technology Corp. introduces a series of multiport serial communication cards, CAN communication cards, data acquisition cards, and RFID systems as industrial data collection devices designed for complete system integration. The devices are designed for home and building automation, intelligent transportation systems, ATMs, vending machines, parking lots, factory automation, machine automation, medical facilities and other industrial automation applications.

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AXIOMTEK Introduces iCON-32300 Industrial Ethernet Extenders

The typical UTP cable cannot over 100 meters length per segment. To break the standard distance barriers, AXIOMTEK introduces iCON-32300 industrial Ethernet extenders which can extend Ethernet connectivity in existing facilities over existing copper telephone wire or coaxial cable without pulling extra cable. These reliable and rugged devices with advantages of wide operating temperature range and long MTBF are ideal for building automation, security surveillance, digital signage, factory automation, and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System).

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Ethernet Direct Unveils HMG-628GE-CD Industrial Managed Gigabit Switch

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, launches HMG-628GE-CD, an enhanced version of Industrial Managed Gigabit switch that comes with extended operating temperature of -40 to 80 deg C especially designed for mission critical applications like in military, power and utilities, mining, oil and refineries plus other areas with hazardous environments.

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