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VIA Labs Debuts VIA VL805 and VIA VL806 USB 3.0 Host Controllers

VIA Labs ~ four-port VIA VL805 USB 3.0 Host controller

VIA Labs introduced the four-port VIA VL805 and the two-port VIA VL806 USB 3.0 Host controllers. The VL805 and VL806 help motherboard and embedded system manufacturers to add USB 3.0 to their product lines. The new devices enable a PCI Express-equipped platform to interface with multiple SuperSpeed USB peripherals devices simultaneously for transfers rates up to 5Gbps while retaining full backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices. The VIA VL805 and VL806 are available now.

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element14 Announces Raspberry Pi 512MB Board

element14 and Raspberry Pi launched a new 512MB board version of the credit-card sized computer. The Raspberry Pi 512MB board is priced at $35. This is the same price as the previous board, which only has half the RAM as the new model. The additional memory enables the Raspberry Pi to run a future version of an Android 4.0 operating system. The Raspberry Pi 512MB computer is ideal for multimedia, high-memory and mobile applications.

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WinSystems Introduces PS394 Series of PC/104 Green Energy Power Supply Modules

WinSystems PS394 series of PC104 DC-DC Power Supply with Battery Back-up

WinSystems announced the PS394 series of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus highly integrated, green energy power supply modules. The series consists of three DC/DC supplies: PPM-PS394-533, PCM-PS394-500 and ISM-PS394-533. They support two inputs from solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC sources. The PPM-PS394-533 is priced at $249. The PCM-PS394-500 is $229 and the ISM-PS394-533 is $209. They are ideal for telemetry, pipelines, outdoor signage, military, transportation, and security applications.

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Microchip Debuts DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based Development Boards

DM320014 PIC32 USB Digital Audio Accessory Board

Microchip Technology introduced the DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based development boards. The DM320014 is a USB digital audio accessory board, while the DM320413 is a digital audio mixer board. The two development boards are powered by Microchip’s PIC32MX250F128 32-bit MCU. The DM320014 and DM320413 enable audio and voice device development for a broad range of applications. Both digital audio mixer boards are available now with prices starting at $69.99. The DM320413 is offered exclusively to Apple MFi licensees, via Apple’s authorized distributor. The DM320014 is available at microchipDIRECT.

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VIA Technologies Announces APC Android PC System for Only $49

VIA Technologies APC Android PC system board

VIA Technologies introduced the $49 APC Android PC system. APC features a WonderMedia ARM processor, Neo-ITX motherboard, VGA and HMDI display ports, four USB 2.0 ports, microSD slot, Ethernet port, 2GB NAND Flash, and 512 DDR3 SDRAM. The Android PC system includes a browser, preinstalled apps, and a custom build of Android that has been optimized for keyboard and mouse input. The APC will be ship in July 2012.

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WinSystems Debuts ISM-TRM-ISO-IN, ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT Optically Isolated Signal Conditioning Modules

WinSystems ISM-TRM-ISO-IN and ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT optically isolated signal conditioning and termination boards

WinSystems announced the ISM-TRM-ISO-IN and ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT optically isolated signal conditioning and termination boards. The ISM-TRM-ISO-IN features 24 lines of optically isolated and digitally debounced inputs to provide easy connections and signal conditioning from field wiring. The ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT offers 24 lines of optically isolated outputs. The ISM-TRM-ISO-IN is priced at $209 each and the ISM-TRM-ISO-OUT is priced at $149 each. The boards are ideal for OEM embedded computer system designers.

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Data Translation Unveils DT9838 Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement Module

Data Translation DT9838 Portable Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement Module

Data Translation introduced their DT9838 strain- and bridge-based measurement module for USB. The DT9838 is available installed in a metal connection box with RJ50 connectors, or as board-level OEM version. It will be available for shipment in July. The DT9838 is priced at $1,795 and the DT9838-OEM is priced at $1,745. It is ideal for real time test and measurement in applications like high speed mechanical tests, in-vehicle testing, and on-site impact measurements.

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VIA EITX-3002 Em-ITX Board

VIA Technologies introduced the EITX-3002 Em-ITX form factor board. The VIA EITX-3002 features VIA VX900H media system processor, 1.2GHz VIA Nano X2 E-Series or 1.0GHz VIA Eden X2 dual core processor, 17cm x 12cm Em-ITX form factor, onboard DC-to-DC converter, HDMI port, VGA port, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual COM ports, two USB ports, two USB 3.0 ports (optional), and power and HDD activity LEDs. The VIA EITX-3002 board is ideal for medical, healthcare, industrial and building automation, digital signage, kiosk, POI/POS, gaming and surveillance applications.

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Digilent Cerebot MC7 Development Kit for Academia and Hobbyists

Microchip Technology and Digilent introduced a development kit for the Cerebot MC7 motor control board. The Digilent Cerebot MC7 Development Kit includes a demonstration board with four half-bridge circuits, eight RC servo motor connectors, support for Digilent Pmod peripheral modules, and an integrated programming/debugging circuit that is compatible with the free MPLAB IDE. The Cerebot MC7 Development Kit is available now for $119. It is ideal for academic and hobbyist embedded motor control applications.

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Imsys SNAP Stamp Module

Imsys introduced their Stamp module. It is the latest new member of its Simple Network Application Platform (SNAP). The SNAP Stamp module features IM3910 MCU, SDRAM, flash memory, 10/100 Ethernet PHY (plus RMII interface for a 2nd Ethernet port), 3 UARTs, SPI/I2C, RTC, 8 timers, 8-ch ADC (16 bit), 2 DAC (16 bit), and a high-speed, 83 MB/s, data channel. It contains everything needed for the intelligent control of a networked final product. SNAP Stamp will be available next quarter. It will be priced at less than $50 in moderate quantities.

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