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Digital Core Design (DCD) announces new serial bus – the DI2CSB

Digital Core Design (DCD) has released the DI2CSB IP Core, which is a two wire, bidirectional serial bus, and provides an efficient and stable short distance data transmission between multiple devices. The DI2CSB provides an interface between a passive target device (for example: memory, LCD display, pressure sensors, etc.) and an I2C bus. It has a very simple interface, composed with read, write, and data signals, which enables easy connection to a target device.

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Direct Insight Announces TRITON-TXFB ARM Baseboards

TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board | Direct Insight

Direct Insight introduced the TRITON-TXFB production-quality ARM board. The TRITON-TXFB is configurable by changing a tiny (68mm x 26mm) processor module — from ARM9 to quad core ARM Cortex-A9. Unlike the many available community boards, the TRITON-TXFB is fully production-ready, with industrial temperature range support and protected I/O. It is intended for low and medium volume use in end-user products. The baseboards, modules, and Linux, Windows CE and Android software packages are available now.

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Microchip, element14 Team on Raspberry Pi chipKIT Expansion Board

chipKIT Pi Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi | Microchip Technolog and element14

Microchip Technology has expanded their Arduino compatible chipKIT platform ecosystem. This includes the chipKIT Pi Expansion Board, which is a new Raspberry Pi tool that it co-developed with element14. The chipKIT Pi’s advanced features simplify Arduino based application development for the Raspberry Pi.The new expansion board also adds large memory space, fast performance and integrated peripherals for human-interface, audio-processing and advanced-control applications. The chipKIT Pi Expansion Board is priced at $28. Boards are expected to become available in the final week of September.

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e-con Systems Debuts See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Camera

e-con Systems See3CAM_80 camera with e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD module

e-con Systems introduced the See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed camera. The See3CAM_80 supports video streaming at resolutions of up to 1080p @30fps and includes an eight megapixel autofocus camera module, the e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD, with an OV8825 CMOS image sensor. The UVC compliant camera is plug-and-play in both Windows and Linux. In Windows, the camera is exposed as a DirectShow device and in Linux, as a V4L2 capture source.

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Kontron Introduces VX3327 3U VPX Graphics Card

Kontron VX3327 3U VPX graphics card

Kontron announced the VX3327 3U VPX graphics card. The VX3327 OpenVPX-compliant board includes the AMD Embedded Radeon E6760 GPU. It features 480 computing cores and parallel data processing performance of up to 576 GFLOPs. The Kontron VX3327 is available now. The board is ideal for compute-intense General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) applications deployed in avionics and military technology that require superior situational awareness.

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Microchip Unveils MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor Module

Microchip Technology MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor Module

Microchip Technology introduced the MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor Module. The low-cost software optimization tool enables engineers to increase power efficiency out of their code. The MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor Module (part #AC244008) is available now for $379.99 each. The tool is ideal for a broad range of battery-powered, digital power-supply, motor-control and metering applications.

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PICMG Improves, Upgrades CompactPCI Express Specification

PICMG introduced a new revision and upgrade to the CompactPCI Express specification, Revision 2. This revision of CompactPCI Express features interoperability at both the interface and product level, and increase performance. The latest specification will allow rapid adoption in instrumentation and control applications where performance and interoperability are critical. The PXI standard, which currently builds on top of CompactPCI and CompactPCI Express, will see immediate benefit from the new revision.

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WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus Module Features 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

WinSystems PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module

WinSystems announced the PPM-GIGE-2-POE PC/104-Plus I/O module. The PPM-GIGE-2-POE card features two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) circuits. The module can be used to source two remote tethered 802.3af/at compliant POE devices supporting up to 25W each from an external DC source. It is ideal for security, transportation, and industrial control where centralized power can simplify integration and reduce wiring costs. The WinSystems dual channel PPM-GIGE-2-POE is priced at $249 each.

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APC Paper Embedded Computer Features Recycled Cardboard Case

APC Rock Board

VIA Technologies introduced APC Rock and Paper. APC Rock is a board for prototyping projects. It is a complete redesign of the original APC module. APC Paper, which features a recycled cardboard case, is an embedded computer for connecting to the Internet without the need for Windows applications. Both Rock and Paper run a custom Android system built for keyboard and mouse input.

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DSM Computer 96M4297o Single Board Computer Supports PICMG 1.0

DSM Computer 96M4297o single board computer

DSM Computer introduced the 96M4297o single board computer. The industrial slot CPU supports the PICMG 1.0 standard. The DSM 96M4297o SBC features the second generation Intel Core processor, Intel H61 chipset, two DDR3 1333/1066 modules, up to 16 GB of memory, two fast GigaBit LAN interfaces, HD audio, GPIO, serial and parallel connections, twelve USB ports, two USB 3.0 and ten USB 2.0 ports, and a serial ATA interface.

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