AMIQ EDA Announces Version 3.5 of the DVT Eclipse IDE

Guest blog post by Corina Mitu, AMIQ EDA

AMIQ EDA has announced version 3.5 of its flagship solution – DVT Eclipse IDE. The new version provides enhanced compilation, improved UVM support, a streamlined GUI, and simplified deployment to help design and verification engineers increase code development quality and productivity.

The DVT IDE is a complete and powerful code development environment for the design and verification languages e, SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, built on the Eclipse Platform. The key enhancements and new capabilities that DVT version 3.5 brings to its users include:

Enhanced compilation for SystemVerilog and VHDL
The internal compiler now checks on the fly whether each identifier is properly declared and used. This enhancement further reduces the number of compilation cycles required to get compilation error-free code as you type.

Improved UVM Support
The newly added capabilities simplify browsing the structure of an UVM-based verification environment. Users will benefit from:

  • UVM Browser View that helps explore the UVM classes grouped by categories such as agents, drivers, and sequences as well as easily inspect the UVM flow-specific API like overridden phases and fields registered to the factory.
  • Verification Hierarchy View, which lets the user see the top-down topology of an UVM verification environment based on UVM factory “create” calls.
  • UVM Factory Queries for “config db setters,” “config db getters,” and “factory overrides” that help quickly and accurately locate UVM factory-related constructs that may influence the behavior of a testbench.

Streamlined GUI experience
Version 3.5 introduces new features and enhancements like:

  • Content Filters that help eliminate irrelevant information displayed in Views such as compilation issues, in-line reminders, or internal API introduced by 3rd party libraries like UVM.
  • The popular Quick Search bar, which allows users to easily locate a specific element by typing a few letters from its name, is now available in all Views.
  • A completely unified feature set across all languages in the DVT Perspective – the visual container for the various Views and components within the DVT window. For example, Check View and Coverage View can now be used in both e language and SystemVerilog projects.

Redesigned tool configuration and preference sharing capabilities
A new out-of-the-box Settings Management Engine simplifies DVT deployment for large teams. Settings are organized in several easily customizable precedence levels such as project, user, and common in order to allow fine-grained control.

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