Design Process Centricity

Design Process Centricity

The complex assembly of many solid objects (such as PCBs, electronics packages and devices, cabling, fans, and heatsinks) inside electronics equipment means air flow is confined within narrow regions between these solid objects. Electronics products pose a unique set of challenges for thermal simulation because of this complexity.

Challenges include:

  • Geometry capture
  • Scale disparity
  • Uncertainty over missing data
  • Transitional flow regime
  • Mesh generation, hardware
  • Environment
  • The need for increased accuracy

During detailed design, the geometry comes from both the EDA and MDA design flows. The geometry comes in part from the EDA system, which often does not include any information on the materials being used. This adds complications during electronic systems assembly where thermal interface materials (TIMs) and gap pads are used to maximize the thermal contact between different parts of the system to implement an effective cooling solution.

FloTHERM XT provides a rapid design environment, in which geometry can be changed and the simulation results rapidly regenerated. It is designed to fit into the complex mechanical design environments and associated processes that exist in today’s avionics companies.

For more information on FloThermXT, download the white paper.