Real Intent Advanced Verification Solutions to be Presented at SemIsrael Expo

Real Intent’s Ascent and Meridian early verification and advanced sign-off solutions will be presented by Director of Strategic Accounts Dr. Roger Hughes at the November 18, 2013 SemIsrael Expo 2013. Dr. Hughes will focus on formal verification’s role in Clock-Domain Crossing (CDC) in the presentation “Formal is Normal: Automatically Refine Your CDC Checking.”

Real Intent’s CDC and verification products include:

  • Meridian CDC: 500M gate capacity, enables all aspects of CDC sign-off
  • Meridian Constraints: Constraing management solution
  • Ascent Lint: fast, low-noise RTL lint solution to help SoC designers with style, design, and coding error detection, and to create correct and clean RTL code
  • Ascent Implied Intent Verification (IIV): Automatic RTL bug detection for improved efficiency in verification and design error detection before testbench development/simulation
  • Ascent X-Verification Systems (XV): Early prevention, detection, and isolation of X-propagation issues to prevent gate-level debug and less buggy transition to silicon

The EDA software company’s advanced verification solutions accelerate sign-off, eliminate SoC failures, and provide market-leading performance, accuracy, capacity, and completeness. At SemIsrael, Dr. Hughes will discuss how formal verificationfor CDC will ensure sufficient pulse width in control signals to allow the receiving domain clock to capture the transmit domain’s control pulse. Fast-to-slow CDCs especially benefit from this. Formal analysis is used to analyze data transitions for stability.

SemIsrael Expo 2013 is being held Monday, November 18 at the venue Convention Center in Airport City, Israel. It is the number one professional semiconductor event in Israel hosting 600 semiconductor professionals from a range of Israeli semiconductor industry backgrounds, including fabless startups, R&D offices, foundries, design houses, labs, and universities. See the Real Intent presentation at 1:00pm to 2:20pm and visit Booth #36 between 8:00am and 2:30pm for the exhibit.

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