TI LMH1256 SDI Reclocker Features Integrated Signal Conditioning

Texas Instruments (TI) LMH1256 Quad 12G Ultra High Definition SDI Reclocker

Texas Instruments introduced the four-channel LMH1256. According to TI, the device is the industry’s first 12G ultra-high-definition (UHD) serial digital interface (SDI) reclocker with integrated signal conditioning. The reclocker doubles the transmission rate of competing 6G devices. Samples of the LMH1256 are available now in a 48-pin, 7-mm by 7-mm QFN package. Volume production is expected in 1Q 2104. Pre-production pricing is currently set at $35 in 1,000-unit quantities.

TI LMH1256 UHD SDI Reclocker Features

  • Each Channel Independently Locks to 11.88G, 5.94G, 2.97G, or 1.485G, or divide by 1.001
  • 64 x 64 Points Eye Opening Monitor
  • Adjustable Transmit De-emphasis
  • Adjustable Transmit Swing
  • Programmable Output Polarity Inversion
  • On-Chip PRBS Pattern Generator
  • Single 2.5V Supply
  • Low Power Consumption: 200 mW/Channel
  • SMBus or Pin Based Configuration
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C
  • 7 mm x 7 mm 48-Pin QFN Package

The TI LMH1256 enables broadcast video equipment to capture, record and play back 4K video signals at 60 Hz over a single link of coaxial cable. The SDI reclocker is ideal for next-generation systems like digital video routers, switches, encoders/decoders, modular cards, multi-viewers and display monitors.

The LMH1256 features a fully adaptive Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE), Clock and Data Recovery (CDR), and transmit De-Emphasis (DE) driver to enable data transmission over long high speed serial links.

The LMH1256 multi-rate reclocker operates at 270 Mbps, 1.4835 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, 2.967 Gbps, 2.97 Gbps, 5.94 Gbps, 5.934 Gbps, 11.88 Gbps, and 11.868 Gbps. The LMH1256 recovers the serial clock and retimes the serial data stream to suppress accumulated jitter.

An on chip pattern independent eye monitor and a PRBS generator allow real time measurement of the high speed serial link. A flow through pinout for the high speed signals facilitates ease of board layout and enhances signal integrity. The device is offered in 48-Pin 7 x 7 mm QFN package.

More info: TI LMH1256 Quad 12G Ultra High Definition SDI Reclocker (pdf)