e-con Systems Debuts See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Camera

e-con Systems See3CAM_80 camera with e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD module

e-con Systems introduced the See3CAM_80 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed camera. The See3CAM_80 supports video streaming at resolutions of up to 1080p @30fps and includes an eight megapixel autofocus camera module, the e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD, with an OV8825 CMOS image sensor. The UVC compliant camera is plug-and-play in both Windows and Linux. In Windows, the camera is exposed as a DirectShow device and in Linux, as a V4L2 capture source.

e-con See3CAM_80 Features

  • Houses e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD – 8.0 MP Auto Focus Camera Module
  • Plug-and-Play setup (UVC compliant)
  • USB 3.0 interface (backward compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Frame Rate (YUV2)
  • USB 3.0: HD (720p) @ 30 fps, Full HD (1080p) @ 30 fps , 8MP @ 11 fps
  • USB 2.0: VGA @ 30 fps
  • Operation Temperature Range: -30° to 70° C
  • Stable Image Temperature Range: 0° to 50° C
  • Power requirements: 520mA
  • Operating Voltage: 5V ± 250mV
  • Board Size (lxb): 65 x 16 mm

The See3CAM_80 supports VGA@30, 720p30, 1080p30 preview resolutions for high end video recording, video analytics and HD video conferencing applications. e-con is also bringing the full 8 Megapixel still image capture capability to regular PCs for very high resolution imaging applications. The See3CAM_80 can stream the full 8MP resolution video at around 11fps for applications where full image resolution required, but at a lower frame rate. All the above are uncompressed video and streaming is through the USB3.0 interface which supports about 5Gbps bandwidth.

The See3CAM_80 is ideal for customer applications such as document cameras/visualizers, high resolution OCR applications for large sheet sizes, medical and scientific applications such as tissue vision, pathology examination and microscopic applications where high resolution streaming — even at a low frame rate — is required. The See3CAM_80 makes full use of the potential of its OmniVision’s OV8825 CameraChip sensor. The OV8825 is a 1/3.2″ optical format, 1.4 micron pixel raw image sensor with a four-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface and supports 720p60, 1080p60 and also 8MP at 24fps.

Third party Linux and Windows applications can use the standard UVC protocol to access the e-CAM80_MI8825_MOD camera module’s built-in ISP. The ISP supports auto-exposure (AEC), AGC, auto-white balance (AWB) and image property controls such as brightness, saturation, AWB effects, sharpness and contrast. Special features, including manual focus, single-trigger and autofocus are available through the UVC extension interface, which is also provided by e-con.

More info: e-con See3CAM_80 – 8.0 Mega Pixel Autofocus USB 3.0 Camera