Microchip Technology Introduces EMC118X Temperature Sensor ICs

Microchip Technology EMC118X temperature sensor IC family

Microchip Technology introduced the EMC118X temperature sensor IC family. All six members of the EMC118X temperature sensor family are available now for sampling and volume production. Prices start at $0.51 each in 5,000-unit quantities. The EMC1182 is offered in 8-pin DFN and TDFN packages. The EMC1183, EMC1184, EMC1187 and EMC1188 are all available in a 10-pin DFN package. The EMC1186 is offered in an 8-pin TDFN package.

Microchip EMC118X Temperature Sensors Features

  • Compatible with 1.8V logic
  • Supports diodes requiring the BJT/transistor model supports 65nm and lower geometry CPU thermal diodes
  • Automatically determines external diode type and optimal settings
  • Resistance Error Correction
  • Frequency hops the remote sample frequency to reject DC converter and other coherent noise sources
  • Two External Temperature Monitors: ±0.25 typ, ±1°C max accuracy (20°C < TDIODE < 110°C), 0.125°C resolution, Supports up to 2.2nF diode filter capacitor
  • Internal Temperature Monitor: ±0.25 typ, ±1°C max accuracy, 0.125°C resolution
  • Programmable temperature limits for ALERT#
  • Hardware settable system shutdown (SYS_SHDN#) 77°C-112°C
  • Programmable and fixed address options
  • 3.3V supply voltage
  • Available in small 10-pin 3mm x 3mm DFN lead-free RoHS compliant package

According to Microchip, the EMC118X is the world’s first family of temp sensors with 1.8V SMBus and I2C communications, which is required for interfacing to the latest generation of smartphone, tablet and PC chipsets. In addition, the integrated low-voltage I/O support reduces cost and board space because it is accomplished without an external voltage level shifter.

The EMC118X temperature sensors are the first temp sensors to use an advanced sample-frequency-hopping filter, which enables temperature-monitoring traces of up to 8 inches in noisy environments with accurate readings. Frequency-hopping on the sampling frequency avoids the injection of coherent noise.

The Microchip devices combine the previous features with options for dual, triple and quad temperature monitoring, along with hardwired system-shutdown settings that can’t be overridden by software. The EMC118X family is ideal for mobile, commercial and embedded computing applications.

More info: Microchip SMSC EMC1188 Temperature Sensor IC Family (pdf)