Microchip Technology Debuts USB553XB-5000 USB3 Controller Hubs

Microchip Technology USB553XB-5000 third-generation USB3 Controller Hub family

Microchip Technology introduced the USB553XB-5000 third-generation USB3 Controller Hub family. The UCH3 devices are SuperSpeed Logo Certified by the USB Implementers Forum. All four members of Microchip’s third-generation USB3 Controller Hub Family are available now for sampling and volume production. Prices start at $3.58 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The two-, three- and four-port USB5532B-5000, USB5533B-5000 and USB5534B-5000 are available in 64-pin QFN packages. The seven-port, hybrid USB5537B-5000 is available in a 72-pin QFN package.

Microchip USB553XB-5000 USB3 Controller Hub Features

  • Two, three, or four downstream USB 3.0 ports (which also support USB 2.0)
  • Three additional USB 2.0 ports for non-removable devices (USB5537B only)
  • Designed for low-power operation and low thermal dissipation
  • On-chip 8051 µC manages GPIOs, VBUS, and other hub signals
  • Configuration via on-chip programmable ROM, SPI ROM or SMBus
  • Manufacturing line and field update capabilities
  • Power management capability on GPIO/LED pins
  • One-Time Programmable (OTP) ROM (8 kbit), including on-chip charge pump
  • IETF RFC 4122 compliant 128-bit UUID
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and other major OS’s
  • SMSC’s TrueSpeed LEDs (configuration dependent)
  • Multi-color LED scheme shows port capability and speed
  • Embedded 8051 microcontroller for hub configuration
  • 64 or 72-pin, low-cost QFN packages enable 2-layer PCB design
  • Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) options available

The Microchip USB553XB-5000 family is the world’s first to integrate OTP Flash configuration memory. This UCH3 family is also the industry’s most flexible, as it includes a seven-port hybrid version with a certified four-port USB3 hub and three additional USB2 lanes. The remaining three family members feature two-, three- and four-port USB3 hubs, respectively. The UCH3 devices are ideal for PCs, peripherals, computing platforms, storage solutions, networking and consumer devices, set-top boxes, docking stations and monitors.

Microchip’s new UCH3 family reduces system costs and speeds development by integrating programmable memory that enables OEMs to quickly customize products and ensure operating-system compatibility, without the added cost, complexity and board space of off-chip memory. In addition, the hybrid controller provides the flexibility to create applications with both USB3 and USB2 ports, such as mobile and PC docking stations, monitors and other peripherals.

More info: Microchip (SMSC) USB553xB UCH3