Design and Verification Conference Issues Call for Papers

DVCon 2014 Call for Abstracts | Design and Verification Conference

The Design and Verification Conference, which is sponsored by Accellera Systems Initiative, has issued a call for papers. DVCon 2014 is seeking abstracts that are highly technical and reflect real life experiences using languages, standards, methods and EDA tools. The conference will take place March 3-6, 2014. However, abstracts are due by August 27th, 2013.

The conference is asking authors to submit a 400-500 word abstract highlighting what they wish to present at DVCon 2014. Topics of interest include:

  • Transaction level modeling for system-level design
  • Hardware/software/embedded co-design
  • System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip design
  • System-level design techniques, flows and methodologies
  • High-level synthesis from ESL languages
  • Virtual and Hardware (FPGA) prototyping
  • Formal and semi-formal techniques
  • Hardware/software co-verification
  • Using multiple HDLs and/or HVLs in a design cycle
  • Automated stimulus generation methods
  • Advance methodologies and testbenches
  • Verification process and resource management
  • Tool and flow automation using IP-XACT
  • SoC and IP integration methods and tools
  • IP protection and security
  • Configuration management of IP and abstraction levels
  • Interoperability of models and/or tools
  • Mixed-signal design and verification
  • Real-value modeling approaches
  • Application of mixed-signal extensions for UVM
  • AMS sytem-level and concept design
  • Low power design and verification

DVCon is a conference for the application of languages, tools and methodologies for the design and verification of electronic systems and integrated circuits. The primary focus of DVCon is on the practical use of specialized design and verification languages such as SystemC, SystemVerilog and e, assertions in SVA or PSL, as well as the use of AMS languages, design automation using IP-XACT and the use of general purpose languages C and C++.

Conference attendees are primarily designers of electronic systems, ASICs and FPGAs, as well as those involved in the research, development and application of EDA tools.

More info: DVCon