RF Electronics: Design and Simulation eBook

AWR recently published a new eBook. The book describes the use of AWR’s Microwave Office and AXIEM software to design RF electronic devices for applications such as amplifiers, radar, mobile phones, Bluetooth, and WLAN. It was written by C. J. (Keith) Kikkert, an adjunct associate professor of James Cook University (JCU) School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The title of the publication is RF Electronics: Design and Simulation.

RF Electronics: Design and Simulation is suitable for teaching RF and microwave electronic design in the final year of an undergraduate Bachelor Degree program or as a course in a postgraduate program. Chapter 2 can be used at earlier years of a Bachelor Degree program to teach the principles of computer simulation and design of analogue electronic circuits. All the AWRDE project files used for the material in the book are included with the eBook.

The new eBook is the inaugural offering for AWR’s Professors in Partnership program, which aims to provide engineering students, faculty, and graduates with access to ongoing microwave and RF educational content that enhances and promotes the use of AWR software solutions through e-books, textbooks, and videos. The eBook is the next-generation of Dr. Kikkert’s popular RF and microwave electronic engineering course that has been widely distributed by AWR to universities worldwide over the past several years.

More info: RF Electronics: Design and Simulation