TI Announces NFCLink and Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H

Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H

Texas Instruments announced the Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H. The TI near field communications hardware enables uncomplicated and inexpensive wireless set up. Texas Instruments also announced that the NFCLink software is a standard NFC library for the TRF79xx NFC transceiver family to ease NFC development on TI embedded processors.

The new Dynamic NFC Transponder Interface RF430CL330H is low cost, bringing a secure, simplified pairing process for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to products, such as printers, speakers, headsets, and remote controls, as well as wireless keyboards, mice, switches and sensors. According to TI, It is the only dynamic NFC tag device designed specifically for NFC connection handover and service interface functions, including host diagnostics and software upgrades.

The NFCLink software firmware library enables developers to quickly and easily create NFC applications for TRF79xx NFC transceivers using TI’s ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs), Tiva C Series ARM MCUs and OMAP processors. In addition, TI embedded processor platforms will be supported in the future. NFC applications running on operating systems include point-of-service devices, routers, set-top boxes, automotive infotainment and other various consumer devices.

Dynamic NFC Transponder RF430CL330H Features

  • Combines a wireless NFC interface and wired SPI/I2C interface to connect the device to a host (classified as an NFC tag type 4 device)
  • The data content is shifted dynamically from the host into the RF430CL330H’s SRAM and can then be transferred over the NFC interface
  • Integrates SPI/I2C serial communication interface, allowing reading and writing of NFC data exchange format (NDEF) messages stored in integrated SRAM
  • Supports data rates up to 848 KBs per second for RF data transfer (over-the-air firmware updates)
  • Incorporates an ISO 14443B-compliant RF interface, allowing wireless access of NDEF messages
  • Provides industry’s lowest standby power current, enabling battery-powered devices with longer battery life
  • Offers host wakeup capability when in the NFC RF field, which combined with the fact that the NFC interface is passive, maximizes battery life

NFCLink Firmware Library Features

  • Eases NFC development on TRF79xx transceivers with TI’s MSP430 MCUs, Tiva C Series ARM MCUs and OMAP processors
  • Provides customers with modular firmware library stacks for a flexible solution they can utilize to easily tailor their products to support the complete NFC Forum operation or only necessary parts (e.g., protocol, operating modes), resulting in highly optimized solutions
  • Supports various operating systems, including Win8, Win7, Linux and Android
  • Provides proven software stack through partnership with Stollman E+V GmbH
  • Offers unmatched local customer support with TI’s regional field application engineer (FAE) presence for the NFC and embedded processor portfolio

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