Microchip Technology Introduces MCP41HVXX High Voltage Digital Potentiometers

Microchip Technology MCP41HV51 volatile, SPI digital potentiometer

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP41HV31 and MCP41HV51 (MCP41HVXX) volatile, SPI digital potentiometers. The devices operate at 10, 12, 18, 24 and particularly 36 volts, for systems requiring wide signal swing or high power-supply voltages. Both digital potentiometers are available now for samples and volume production, in 14-pin TSSOP and 20-pin, 5×5 mm QFN packages. The MCP41HV31 is priced at $0.99 each and the MCP41HV51 is $1.09 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

Microchip Technology MCP41HV31 and MCP41HV51 (MCP41HVXX) high voltage digital potentiometers

The MCP41HVX1 family of high voltage digital potentiometer devices have dual power rails (analog and digital). The analog power rail allows voltages up to 36V on the resistor network terminal pins. The system can be implemented as dual rail (±18V) relative to the digital logic ground(DGND). The digipots support both 7-bit and 8-bit resistor configurations, and a high terminal/wiper current, including the ability to sink/source up to 25 mA on all terminal pins for driving larger loads.

The MCP41HV31′s 7-bit resistor network resolution enables 127 resistors and 128 steps, while the MCP41HV51′s 8-bit configuration supports 255 resistors and 256 steps. In addition, both digipots provide RAB resistance options of 5, 10, 50 and 100 kohms.

The new Microchip SPI digital potentiometers feature an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. They are ideal for high-temperature applications, including those in the industrial, automotive and audio markets.

Microchip MCP41HVX1 Digital Potentiometers Features

  • +36V Terminal Voltage Range (DGND = V-)
  • ±18V Terminal Voltage Range(DGND = V- + 18V)
  • Analog: 10V to 36V (specified performance)
  • Digital: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • 7-bit Resistor Network Resolution: 127 Resistors (128 Taps)
  • RAB Resistance Options: 5kohm, 10kohm, 50kohm, 100kohm
  • High Terminal/Wiper Current (IW) Support: 25 mA (for 5 kohm), 12.5 mA (for 10 kohm), 6.5 mA (for 50 kohm and 100 kohm)
  • Zero-Scale to Full-Scale Wiper Operation
  • Low Wiper Resistance: 75 ohm (Typical)
  • Ratiometric (Potentiometer): 15 ppm Typical
  • Resistor Network Terminal Disconnect Via: Shutdown Pin (SHDN)
  • Write Latch (WLAT) Pin to control update of Volatile Wiper Register (such as Zero Crossing)
  • Digital Supply (VL/DGND); 1.5V Typical
  • Analog Supply (V+ / V-); 3.5V Typical
  • Serial Interface Inactive Current (3 µA Typical)
  • 500 kHz Typical Bandwidth (-3 dB) Operation(5.0 k? Device)
  • Extended Temperature Range (-40°C to +125°C)
  • Package Types: TSSOP-14 and QFN-20 (5×5)

More info: Microchip MCP41HVX1 Digital Potentiometers (pdf)