White Paper: Making Industrial Touch A Reality

Making Industrial Touch A Reality

Avnet Electronics Marketing published a white paper about how to make industrial touch screen a reality. The technical paper provides design engineers with the information that they need to take industrial touch solutions from fantasy to reality. The article encapsulates that background for the design engineers who are incorporating touch screens into industrial applications. The title of the white paper is Making Industrial Touch A Reality.

Touch screen interfaces are becoming the de-facto standard for today’s consumer appliances, phones, and entertainment devices. From tablets and smartphones, to refrigerators and auto dashboards, consumers expect a touch-capable, interactive experience when interfacing with electronic equipment. Much of the interest is the result of a touch technology referred to as Projective Capacitive Touch, or PCAP.

Unfortunately, this PCAP driven touch revolution has been lagging in the area of industrial displays. Environmental conditions, ruggedness, and lower unit volumes are limiting the availability and adoption of this promising technology in industrial applications. To help accelerate the implementation of industrial touch displays, Avnet Electronics Marketing continues to introduce industrial grade, PCAP Touch development kits. This article explains the challenges faced in creating an industrial PCAP touch display and the advantages the Avnet kits bring to the industrial design community.

More info: Making Industrial Touch A Reality (pdf)