TI Debuts TPS92660 LED Driver, TPS92640/1 Synchronous Buck Controllers

Texas Instruments TPS92660 two-string LED driver and TPS92640/1 synchronous buck controllers

Texas Instruments announced the TPS92660 two-string LED driver and TPS92640/1 synchronous buck controllers. The three TI DC/DC LED drivers simplify white color tuning for high-color rendering and ultra-low dimming in professional-grade indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. The TPS92660, TPS92640 and TPS92641 are available in volume now. The TPS92660 is available in a 20-pin PowerPad TSSOP. It is priced at $1.50 each in 1,000-unit quantities. The TPS92640 is offered in a 14-pin PowerPad TSSOP and the TPS92641 is offered in a 16-pin PowerPad TSSOP. The devices are priced at $1.75 and $1.85, respectively.

The TI TPS92660 is an 80-V input voltage, two-string LED driver. It consists of a DC/DC buck regulator and a linear channel for two-color, typically white plus red, LED mixing. Using the I2C interface and one-time programmable ROM, a lighting manufacturer can precisely tune the white correlated color temperature (CCT) and brightness of the luminaire during production to deliver exceptional lumen quality required in area, retail and architectural lighting. This method of color tuning eliminates the need for expensive binned LEDs, reducing system costs. Analog or pulse width modulation (PWM) input signals can be used for brightness and color adjustment after ROM programming.

The TI TPS92640 and TPS92641 are 85-V input voltage, adjustable frequency, synchronous buck DC/DC LED controllers with industry-leading contrast ratios that deliver smooth, deep dimming profiles required in indoor/outdoor area lighting and LED projectors. The controllers accept analog and PWM inputs resulting in dimming ratios of 500:1 and 2500:1, respectively. Continuous-conduction mode operation preserves dimming linearity, which enables the TPS92640/1 to provide true analog dim to zero capability. The TPS92641 adds one input and one output pin for 20,000:1 ratio parallel shunt FET dimming.

TI TPS92660 Features

  • Input Voltage: Up to 80 V
  • Two-Output LED Current Controller
  • LED Currents Trimmed Through One-Time Programmable (OTP) ROM with I2C Interface
  • Adjustable SADJ and LADJ Pins for PWM Dimming of Each LED String
  • Input Undervoltage Lockout and Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Enable On/Off
  • Accurate 3.0-V Reference Voltage
  • > 95% Efficiency
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • 20-pin TSSOP Exposed Pad Package

TI TPS92640 and TPS92641 Features

  • VIN range from 7V to 85V
  • 2OΩ, 1A (peak) MOSFET gate drivers
  • Adjustable LED Current Sense voltage
  • Input UVLO and output OVP
  • 500:1 Analog Dimming
  • 2500:1 Standard PWM dimming
  • 20000:1 Shunt FET PWM dimming
  • Shunt Dimming MOSFET gate driver
  • Programmable switching frequency
  • Precision Voltage Reference
  • Low Power Shutdown Mode and Thermal Shutdown

More info: TPS92660 | TPS92640 and TPS92641 (pdf)