Texas Instruments Unveils TMS320DM369 Digital Media System-on-Chip

Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320DM369 Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC)

Texas Instruments announced the TMS320DM369 Digital Media System-on-Chip. The new DaVinci video processor offers low-light performance at twice that of the nearest competitor. The TI DMSoC is ideal for extremely low-light environments like parking garages or dark alleys. Samples of TI’s DaVinci DM369 video SoC will be available at this month. TI’s DaVinci DM369 IP camera reference design is currently available for $995.

The TI DM369 video system-on-chip enables video security manufacturers to leverage superior low-light technology to produce crisp, clear image quality. The DM369 video SoC is pin-to-pin compatible with the DM36x family of video processors. As a result, engineers can easily extend their existing IP camera product lines to take advantage of the new chip.

An IP camera based on the DM369 has the capability to produce clear images in extremely low-light environments. The SoC can capture a license plate, a person’s face and other features that may help authorities solve a crime. The camera can compress and transmit the noise filtered and dynamic range-enhanced videos in real time in a H.264/SVCT format.

TI TMS320DM369 IP Camera Reference Design Features

  • TI TMS320DM369 DaVinci video processor
  • SoC includes ARM926 and H.264 HW video coprocessor, EMAC, RTC and integrated voice codec for BOM savings
  • Sony IMX104 CMOS imager optimized for low-light performance
  • Complete Linux-based IP camera application including free source code
  • Encode up to H.264 HD 1080p at 30fps, MPEG-4 1080p at 25fps or 720p60
  • Video Analytics Daughter card available from eInfochips

Texas Instruments TMS320DM369 Digital Media System-on-Chip Features

  • 432-MHz ARM926EJ-S Clock Rate
  • Three Video Image Co-processors (Noise Filtering, CHDVICP, MJCP) Engines
  • Supports a Range of Encode, Decode, and Video Quality Operations
  • Video Processing Subsystem HW Face Detect Engine
  • Resize Engine from 1/16x to 8x
  • 16-Bit Parallel AFE (Analog Front-End) Interface Up to 120 MHz
  • 4:2:2 (8-/16-bit) Interface
  • 8-/16-bit YCC and Up to 24-Bit RGB888 Digital Output
  • 3 DACs for HD Analog Video Output
  • Hardware On-Screen Display (OSD)
  • Capable of 1080p 30fps H.264 video processing
  • Peripherals include EMAC, USB 2.0 OTG, DDR2/NAND, 5 SPIs, 2 UARTs, 2 MMC/SD/SDIO, Key Scan
  • 8 Different Boot Modes and Configurable Power-Saving Modes
  • Pin-to-pin and software compatible with DM365
  • Extended temperature (-40°C to 85°C) available
  • 3.3-V and 1.8-V I/O, 1.35-V Core
  • 338-Pin Ball Grid Array at 65nm Process Technology

More info: TI TMS320DM369 Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC) (pdf)