Texas Instruments Launches DRV2605 ERM Actuator and LRA haptic Driver

Texas Instruments DRV2605 haptic driver

Texas Instruments announced their DRV2605 haptic driver. The TI DRV2605 makes it easy to add realistic tactile feedback effects to consumer and industrial products. The device’s smart loop architecture delivers the high performance consumer designers need to employ haptics in their products. The DRV2605 is available now in a 9-ball, 1.5mm by 1.5mm by 0.6mm WCSP package. It has a suggested retail price of $1.60 in 1,000-unit quantities. The DRV2605 is ideal for smartphones, tablets, ebooks, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines.

TI DRV2605 haptic driver block diagram

According to TI, the DRV2605 is the only eccentric rotating mass actuator (ERM) and linear resonant actuator (LRA) haptic driver pre-loaded with a library of 123 distinct haptic effects designed and licensed by Immersion, which is a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology.

The DRV2605 haptic driver’s smart loop architecture reduces startup and braking time by half, delivers twice the vibration strength, and consumes 50% less power to extend battery life, compared to competitive solutions.

TI DRV2605 Haptic Driver Features

  • Flexible Haptic/Vibra Driver LRA (Linear Resonance Actuator)
  • ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass)
  • I2C Controlled Digital Playback Engine Royalty-Free Integrated Immersion Library
  • Real-Time Playback Mode via I2C
  • Smart Loop Architecture(1) Automatic Overdrive/Braking (ERM/LRA)
  • Automatic Resonance Tracking (LRA)
  • Automatic Actuator Diagnostic (ERM/LRA)
  • Automatic Level Calibration (ERM/LRA)
  • Audio To Haptics Mode
  • Optional PWM Input with 0% to 100% Duty Cycle Control Range
  • Optional Analog Input Control
  • Optional Hardware Trigger Pin
  • Efficient Output Drive
  • Fast Start Up Time
  • Constant Acceleration Over Supply Voltage
  • 1.8 V Compatible, VDD Tolerant Digital Pins
  • Available in a 9-Ball, 0.5 mm Pitch WCSP

More info: Texas Instruments DRV2605 Haptic Driver (pdf)