Innovasic IA18xER Embedded Processor Replaces Am186ER and Am188ER

Innovasic IA18xER Embedded Processor

Innovasic Semiconductor announced the IA18xER embedded processor. The chips are form, fit, and function compatible with the Am186ER and Am188ER devices. The Innovasic IA18xER is capable of operating as a 186 or 188 processor (16-bit or 8-bit) and is available in 100-lead PQFP and 100-lead LQFP RoHS-compliant packages. The IA18xER embedded processors are available now.

Innovasic’s version of the Am186ER and Am188ER has the same instruction set as the original and provides full software compatibility. Special software tools and re-compile steps are not needed. The same 1 Mbyte memory address space and 64 Kbyte I/O space are supported along with the same 32 Kbytes of internal RAM. The PLL operates the same and allows the processor to operate at up to four times the input clock.

All of the integrated peripherals in the original device are contained in the IA18xER embedded processor. The new Innovasic device operates at 3.3V with 5V tolerant I/O over the -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.

Innovasic IA18xER Embedded Processor

  • Thirty-two Programmable I/O (PIO) pins
  • A synchronous serial interface allowing half-duplex, bidirectional data transfers
  • An asynchronous serial port allowing full-duplex, 7-bit or 8-bit data transfers
  • A PSRAM controller including auto refresh capability
  • Two independent DMA channels with DMA to and from the asynchronous serial port
  • A reset configuration register
  • A programmable interrupt controller with six external interrupts
  • Three programmable 16-bit timers
  • A hardware watchdog timer to generate an NMI or system reset
  • Programmable memory and peripheral chip select logic
  • A programmable wait state generator and power-save clock mode

More info: Innovasic Semiconductor