Multicore Task Management Application Program Interface for Embedded Parallel Systems

Multicore Task Management Application Program Interface (MTAPI)

The Multicore Association announced the availability of the Multicore Task Management Application Program Interface. MTAPI supports the coordination of tasks on embedded parallel systems. The Multicore Association is a global non-profit organization that develops standards to speed time-to-market for products with multicore processor implementations.

The MTAPI specification provides an API allowing programmers to develop parallel embedded software with familiar programming processes. MTAPI features runtime scheduling and mapping of tasks to processor cores. As an optional, the MTAPI implementation provides access to hardware-implemented actions and/or queues to take advantage of processor-specific features and to increase performance.

Unlike existing APIs that provide task management functionality (e.g. OpenMP, TBB, Cilk, OpenCL), the MTAPI specification allows implementations for resource-constrained embedded systems, such as those with a small memory footprint, deterministic behavior, and allow for hardware-specific optimizations. MTAPI supports different processor architectures and can be implemented in plain C language programing on top of different operating systems or as a bare-metal solution. MTAPI supports asymmetric multiprocessing at the hardware and software level.

The MTAPI specification is available for free download from the Multicore Association.

More info: Multicore Task Management Application Program Interface (MTAPI)