TI LMX2581 Wideband Frequency Synthesizer Features Integrated VCO

Texas Instruments LMX2581 wideband frequency synthesizer

Texas Instruments launched their LMX2581 wideband frequency synthesizer. The TI LMX2581 features an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), the industry’s lowest phase noise, ultra-low noise phase-locked loop (PLL) and the industry’s highest phase detector frequency. The LMX2581 is available now in a 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm QFN package. It is priced at $7 in 1,000-unit quantities.

Texas Instruments (TI) LMX2581 wideband frequency synthesizer

The LMX2581 improves total link power efficiency and communication channel capacity when combined with high-speed analog signal chain devices from TI. The Texas Instruments devices are ideal for wireless infrastructure, radar, medical imaging, defense and aerospace, and test and measurement applications.

Texas Instruments LMX2581 Features

  • Generates any frequency from 50 MHz to 3.76 GHz
  • High performance PLL improves RF sensitivity
  • -229 dBc/Hz normalized PLL phase noise
  • -120.8 dBc/Hz normalized PLL 1/f noise
  • 200 MHz phase detector frequency
  • Integer and fractional PLL modes: multi-order with optional dithering for spur reduction
  • Broadband multi-core VCO tuning range from 1880 to 3760 MHz
  • Dual differential outputs, programmable from -4 to +10 dBm
  • Option to bypass internal VCO to support an external VCO

More info: TI LMX2581 Wideband Frequency Synthesizer with Integrated VCO (pdf)