Avnet Embedded Debuts Open Compute Project Innovation Labs

Avnet Embedded Open Compute Project (OCP) Innovation Labs

Avnet Embedded announced the Open Compute Project (OCP) Innovation Labs. OCP Innovation Labs serve as both technology showcases and development labs for users, developers and partners to design, deliver and integrate cost-effective, power-efficient compute, storage and networking solutions. The initial lab will be located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Additional sites are planned for Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New York, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Avnet Embedded’s Innovation Labs provide the OCP community with local and remote access to resources offering hands-on enablement of platform and configuration testing, hardware and software validation, performance tuning and community innovation.

Avnet Embedded, a certified member of the OCP community, provides OCP-compliant compute, storage and networking solutions through its Rorke Data business unit. The Open Compute community is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing.

More info: Open Compute Project (OCP) Innovation Labs