DELTA Microelectronics Selects Test Insight to Improve Design to Test Flows

Test Insight Tester Data Link

Test Insight, a world leader in software tools for linking design to test and managing ATE programs, announced that the microelectronics division of DELTA, a European leader of value-added ASIC services, has adopted Tester Data Link to improve design to test flows while at the same time offering improved services to customers.

Tester Data Link provides the advanced features and performance needed to convert the large vector sets used to test the complex integrated circuits DELTA designs and tests for customers. “DELTA’s customers benefit in two ways — fast and efficient conversions of large vector sets saves engineering time and conversion turn-around time,” according to Thomas Fjord Madsen, DELTA’s Test Development Manager. “Plus, with Tester Data Link taking advantage of the advanced features available in DELTA’s modern ATE systems customer’s test costs are kept to a minimum.”

“Delta has an excellent reputation for innovation and quality and we are delighted they have chosen Test Insight software to improve their flow,” said Meir Gellis, CEO of Test Insight, “TDL’s high performance saves a lot of time – especially on large design files. Also, as part of the agreement between the two companies, Delta has access to our pattern verification software which enables Delta to further enhance their offering to customers.”

Test Insight’s pattern validation tools provide DELTA engineers with advanced level debug and improved communication between the test department and the responsible design group. Test Engineers can generate a simulation test bench that enables designers to emulate the patterns actually running on the ATE in their simulation environment. Designers are able to compare the DUT simulation model response to the expected data in the patterns. This is extremely useful for debugging – and especially so if the design and test engineers are in different locations.

Test InsightAbout Test Insight
Test Insight combines many years of experience in test engineering and put this knowledge into innovative software tools that provide seamless integration between device design and test. The company is the selected OEM partner of the leading ATE suppliers and is pioneering in test program management and control solutions, allowing better management visibility into test program generation process and quality.

DeltaAbout Delta
With over 30 years of experience, DELTA Microelectronics is a European leader in ASIC services for the semiconductor industry. DELTA’s comprehensive services include ASIC design, layout, test development, wafer supply, production testing, package development and assembly, components supply, logistics and supply chain management. DELTA’s development and production facilities are based in Denmark and the UK, with service partners in Europe and Asia.

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