Texas Instruments Debuts AFE44xx Analog Front End Family for Photometry

Texas Instruments introduced their AFE44xx family of analog front end ICs for photometry. The TI AFE devices integrate all the front end components and associated timing control circuitry of a typical photometry solution. The family currently consists of the AFE4490 and the AFE4400. The analog integrated circuits are available now in a compact 6-mm x 6-mm, 40-pin QFN package. The AFE4490 is priced at $7.95 and the AFE4400 is priced at $2.95 in quantities of 1,000.

The AFE44xx features fully programmable transmitter and receiver circuits in one device. The AFE reduces end equipment manufacturers’ design time, board space and need for in-house analog design expertise compared to discrete solutions. With less than 1-mA supply current, the AFE44xx family consumes less power than discrete solutions, which results in longer battery life.

The TI AFE44xx family enables optimal measurement performance, even in ambient light settings. The chips are ideal for clinical and home health pulse oximeters, photometry-based blood glucose meters, and photoplethysmograph-based (PPG) heart rate monitors.

Texas Instruments AFE44xx Analog Front End Family Highlights

  • Faster time to market and smaller form factor
  • Receive path includes a programmable transimpedance amplifier (TIA), ambient cancellation circuitry and analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Transmit path incorporates the LED driver and programmable 8-bit current source of up to 150 mA
  • Transmit and receive paths integrated into a single device
  • Less time and board space is required to design with the device
  • Consumes less than 1 mA of power, to extend battery life
  • Simple diagnostics for easier design and debugging
  • Open/short detection features make it easier for engineers to diagnose system errors during design
  • Reduced demand on system software
  • Flexible integrated timing controller module reduces the demands and overhead on system software

More info: Texas Instruments AFE44xx Analog Front End Family